Bath Buddy Toy Organizer – For Kids of All Ages #Review

Bath Buddy Toy Organizer – For Kids of All Ages

I thought once my kids got older and started taking showers that I could get rid of the bath toys. My youngest manages to sneak his action heroes into the shower. Then, of course, they get left scattered on the floor of the tub. This means I’m constantly cleaning up toys in the bath tub – like I did when they were babies in the bath.

Bath Buddy is a great toy organizer that works for those baby bath toys and for older kids who still like a toy in the tub. The mesh bag conveniently suctions to the wall of your bath tub so you can scoop the toys up and let them drain from the bag. The mesh is mold resistant. 

I’m surprised how much it actually holds. The large yellow transformer in the picture is quite a heavy action figure and the Bath Buddy holds strong every time we drop the figure in.

Each Bath Buddy toy organizer comes with additional suction cup hooks so you can hang wash clothes or poofs so they don’t dwell on your bath floor. The Bath Buddy is available on Amazon and is Prime qualified.

How old were your kids when they stopped playing with toys in the bath tub?

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