“You Are Not Coffee” – T-Shirt for Coffee Lovers #ProductReview

“You  Are Not Coffee” – T-Shirt for Coffee Lovers

I love coffee. I love snarky t-shirts too. So, when you combine the two…you know I’m going to love it. 

Now, how many of you need a minimum amount of caffeine before people should even talk to you? ME! This is why I love the Teespring campaign “You Are Not Coffee”. This is a campaign for coffee lovers who need their coffee before people speak to them. 

With a snarky message of “You Are Not Coffee So Get Out of My Face” you can wear this anytime you need to keep people away until you’ve consumed the proper amount of caffeine to function for the day.

You can pick from 4 t-shirt styles and 5 color options. However, since it is a Teespring campaign, they will only go to print if they sell the minimum number of shirts. At the time of publishing this post, they only needed 2 more shirts to go to production. So go check out 

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Birthday Diva Onesies – TwoSewinCute #EtsyShopReview

Birthday Diva Onesies – TwoSewinCute

Who can resist adorable hand sewn baby onesies? Even though my kids are grown, I love seeing all the cute ideas Etsy shop owners come up with. A recent birthday diva onesie celebrates our girl’s half birthday which I think is just a fun reason to get her all dressed up.

At Etsy Shop TwoSewinCute, this Pink and Gold ½ BirthdayOnesie with Hair Bow is an adorable baby pink and gold design with cute leg ruffles that are perfect for a 6 month old baby girl. TwoSewinCute has tons of adorable baby designs all hand sewn and made to order. So you can get a cute design for any age diva in your family.

What is your favorite Etsy find recently?

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Essential Oils for Eczema

Essential Oils for Eczema

Have you ever known anyone who has suffered from Eczema? This extremely dry and itchy skin condition is painful and uncomfortable for anyone who suffers from it. While there are many ways in which parents and doctors can help relieve the irritated skin, not everyone is keen on the steroid induce topical treatments often prescribed by the doctor.

Essential oils can be used as a natural treatment for Eczema to relieve you from its signs and symptoms and promote re-growth of the skin. In fact, people believe that using Essential oils is the only way to obtain sustainable relief in cases of Eczema.

Essential Oils for Eczema is a great resource of information about the different types of essential oils that treat eczema. Olivia has over 9 years of experience helping people find therapeutic healing through essential oils.

Have you ever used essential oils for an ailment? Thoughts?

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3 Games Your Kids Can Play on the Lil Monkey Dome Climber

3 Games Your Kids Can Play on the Lil Monkey Dome Climber

Getting kids off the couch and away from a device can be a struggle for most parents. Playing outside stimulates children in so many ways. Physically, they are more active running around the yard. For creativity and cognitive development, playing outside allows kids to use their imaginations to create games and role-play. All of these types of activities are a healthy part of childhood.  

So, when I was offered a chance to try out the Lil MonkeyDome Climber this summer, I was excited for a new way to get the kids interested in playing outside. The Lil Monkey Dome Climber is a brilliantly designed modern-day jungle gym that we easily built in our backyard in under an hour.

I was really surprised how easily the Lil Monkey Dome Climber went together. The instructions were very clear and both of my kids participated in the assembly process.

While we were building the dome climber, both kids were incredibly excited to play it. They were coming up with all the great games they could play. As I listened to their conversations, then later as I watched them play for hours on the dome, I saw 3 great games kids can play using this updated version of a classic playground fixture.

Game #1: Role-Playing Pirates and Princesses

I’m pretty sure my two minions can figure out a way to play Pirates and Princesses on any toy. On the Lil Monkey, the flag marker (used for the interactive app) became their ship’s flag as they assumed their respective pirate and princess roles. One climbs to the top to play look out while the other swings around the dome pretending to explore the ship.

Role-playing on the dome has limitless ideas – just let your kid’s imaginations run wild.

Game #2: Classic Tag

Pirates and princesses quickly turned into a classic game of tag that required they stay on the dome without touching the ground. While a simple task for my oldest, watching my youngest maneuver around the bars, climbing up and down, was a task of coordination and balance that can be more difficult for a four year old. The game got them moving quickly racing around the dome.

Game #3: Monkey in the Middle

As they were winding down their 2 hours on the dome, I saw the game of monkey in the middle emerge where one stood in the middle – like a caged animal – trying to catch the other one who is climbing around the outside.

I’m thankful my kids play so well together. I enjoy watching their imaginative games evolve as they play with each other. But, the Lil Monkey Dome Climber brought out a new level of interaction that I hadn’t seen in a while. This is a great toy for any family with young kids. Lil Monkey is designed for ages 3-6. The sturdy plastic design works well as an outside toy or could be set up in a playroom for active indoor play. Once assembled, the design is incredibly sturdy as both of my children were able to climb and swing on it at the same time.

The Lil Monkey Dome Climber meets Meets EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. Size specs: Height 47.5” x Width 68”. You can find the Lil Monkey Dome Climber on Amazon and is Prime eligible for free shipping. 

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Daily Dinner Side Salad Suggestions from Dinner With Joy #GuestPost

Confession - I'm not much on eating my greens. Making a side salad for family dinner is not very common around my house. Perhaps I've just needed some of these cost-saving suggestions from Joy at Kitchen $centse. Dinner with Joy is back on My Mom Spark to share some great tips on dinner side salads. Check it out!

Daily Dinner Side Salad Suggestions

A side salad is generally expected with a dinner entrée. It offers a complimentary contrast in texture and taste as well as providing nutritionally balancing fiber. However, anyone who’s shopped for produce recently knows that the prices per pound now rival that of many meats. Add a large tomato to a head of lettuce and the “simple “salad costs than most cuts. I was amazed last week to see collards, formerly an inexpensive leafy green, priced above Romaine. Scallions in a featured sale, 3 bunches for $1.00, had only 4 per bunch when there used to be 6 to 8!

Unfortunately, the prices haven’t lowered much this summer, which means that they will probably rise even higher come fall. 

So what is the family meal planner to do to keep side salads in the daily dinner menu without it costing nearly double? One solution is to study the produce section and try to find things that haven’t skyrocketed.  Regular carrots, for example, cost about $0.88 lb. they’re tastier, more versatile than the dwarf variety and make a great slaw. Compare the prices on all greens that are salad friendly. They’re usually interchangeable. Try to find new uses for other items too. One small zucchini, for instance, sliced paper thin goes a long way as a salad ingredient.

Another solution is to cut down the amount of lettuces or bedding greens, by using frozen vegetables to form the base of the salad. They cost less and go much further. Cut green beans, and broccoli are good selections. Snow peas and edamame are good “fillers”. Canned beets or asparagus are useful salad bases too. Properly presented side salads built around these ingredients, with harmonious dressings, become clever creations, not economic measures.

In this week’s blog posting on Kitchen $centse at dinnerwithjoy.com, I list a few of my favorite ideas for these kinds of salad solutions with dressing suggestions. I  include one here for Carrot Slaw, but others are Cut Beans with Mushrooms, Pickled Red Beets and Watermelon with Tomatoes. 

Actually, writing this has given me an idea for next week’s posting. I’m going to work on some different salad dressing recipes to perk up side salads and give them a bit of zing. Come join me.

Carrot Slaw; Serves 4
4 medium-small carrots
1/3 cup raisins. dried cranberries or blueberries—optionally plumped in water
¼ cup chopped toasted walnuts- optional
¼ head of iceberg lettuce
Choice of dressing*
Peel carrot skins and using a vegetable peeler, slice them one half the length at a time, into a “slaw”.  Toss with the dried fruit and set aside. If not using right away, keep chilled Cut the lettuce into very thin slices and then cut them in half lengthwise, removing the tough core pieces. Arrange the lettuce equally on 4 plates. Toss the carrots with choice of dressing and divide among the plates. Garnish with nuts.

*This salad goes well with several dressings. French. Peppercorn Ranch, Vadalia Onion, Cole Slaw, Caesar even one of the Raspberry vinaigrette.

Drivers Prep – Free Online DMV Test Prep

Drivers Prep – Free Online DMV Test Prep 

I am NOT ready for teenagers. Thankfully, I have at least 9 years before I have to stress about one of my kids driving a car. It has been so long since I’ve taken a driver’s test myself, I’m not even sure I am up to speed on all the changes in the driver’s manual. I wouldn’t have the slightest idea where to start with helping my kids study for the test.

Outside of a driver’s ed course through the school system and the free booklets at the DMV, there is one online source that offers free DMV test prep for drivers in all 50 states. DriversPrep is the perfect way to practice taking the DMV test for your state at no cost. You can study your state laws on the site in addition to taking a practice test. 

Drivers Prep is a great resource to have if you have teenagers antsy to get their driver’s license. See how much they know before they go for the real test at your local DMV.

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook for fun facts on driving laws from around the United States.

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Follow Your Dreams – Turquoise Indian Inspired Digital Art #EtsyShopReview

Follow Your Dreams – Turquoise Indian Inspired Digital Art

Growing up in Oklahoma, Native American culture was everywhere. Often called “Indians” because of Columbus’s misguided belief he had landed in West India, the impact of American history has been greatly influenced by the natives who lived on these lands long before Europeans discovered the new land. Anyway, I find their art, their heritage, and their culture fascinating.

In particular, the color of the turquoise stone – common in Indian jewelry – is a stunningly beautiful color. For Etsy Shop owner, Tanya, creates gorgeously simple and elegant Indian inspired digital art. This particular set of 4 prints focuses on “Follow Your Dream” quote surrounded by classic Indian images. With this black and turquoise Indian Poster Set, you get 4 JPEG file to print as many copies as you wish.

  • 2 jpeg file - size: 8x10 inches, high resolution (300dpi)
  • 2 jpeg file - size: 5x7 inches, high resolution (300dpi)

Her Etsy Shop AT Art Digital sells these prints as instant download digital files that gives you the freedom to print these images, frame them, and lay them out in any way you want.

AT Art Digital has a ton of beautiful digital designs at amazingly affordable prices so you can find the right art design to fit your home décor – whether inspired by the history of a culture or a special date or occasion you want to commemorate.

Check out AT Art Digital on Etsy and tell her you heard about it on My Mom Spark.

What inspires the décor in your home?

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Summertime Skin Tip with Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray #ProductReview

Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray – Gentle Mist to Hydrate Your Face

Summer can be brutal on your skin. The sun and the heat can take a toll on your face, if you are not careful. Here in North Carolina, the humidity compounds the effects of the heat often causing the coolest of morning face routines to melt away the minute I walk outside. 

Between washing, a toner, a moisturizer, and sunscreen – all before any make up is put on – my face feels smothered and my pores suffocating under all of the oils. I find myself settling for the sunscreen as an adequate moisturizer know full-well that it causes more breakouts, but who wants wrinkles?

Summertime Skin Tip: Don't jeopardize your skin regime by skipping steps. Your face needs the protection of a moisturizer and sunscreen. Consider trying a lighter weight moisturizing option.

Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray is an interesting product I was recently introduced to. It is a gentle mist of mineral water designed to help hydrate your face, cool your skin, and even soothe a sunburn. The concept behind mineral water is not new. In fact, it is a natural alternative to the heavy (sometime chemical-laden) face moisturizers. 

The light weight of Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray leaves your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized using a short list of naturally sourced minerals that are gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

This product is a must-have for the summer heat! 

What is your best summertime skin tip?

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Reverse the Years – La Jeunesse Skincare to Make You Look Younger

Reverse the Years – La Jeunesse Skincare to Make You Look Younger

Our quest for youth has transpired in the form of finding new and innovative solutions with our skincare regimens. One of the newer skincare systems that I’ve seen on the market is La Jeunesse. They claim to take 10 years off your face in 5 minutes. 
The team at Reverse the Years UK is passionate about helping others on their journey to looking younger. They feature the Instantly Ageless skincare solution to revive your skin and reduce your wrinkles. 

I haven’t personally used the products, but if you want to learn more follow Reverse the Years UK on Facebook and see what they have to offer.

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Drink Docker – Saving My New Car’s Cup Holders from Permanent Mess #ProductReview

Drink Docker – Saving My New Car’s Cup Holders from Permanent Mess

How long have you had your car? My last car is over 10 years old. Age + kids = permanently messy car. So, when I got my brand new car last year, I was determined to keep it clean. In fact, I never realized how messy the old car was until I looked at my cup holders and there wasn’t a sticky film crusted to the inside (gross, I know…but the truth).

Needless to say, I spend much of my morning commute with my coffee in hand and a roll of paper towels close by in case I have one of my typical clumsy ‘mom in a rush’ moments. I am always on the lookout for products that help me keep my car clean and prevent unwanted spills.

Drink Docker is that perfect cup holder insert that fits into my car’s cup holder and stabilizes my coffee minimizing my chances for spills. Plus, it keeps my hot coffee warmer longer and absorbs the condensation from my iced coffee. Drink Docker is a versatile product that snuggle hugs any container that will fit in your console and it is easy to take with you into the office or on the boat.

Another feature I like about Drink Docker is that it minimizes any drips that could leak into my car’s cup holders by absorbing leaked liquid. This is perfect for those drizzles I miss. And I can rest easy that I am doing my best to keep my car clean (…or as clean as I can with 2 young kids and a family that is constantly on the go).

Drink Docker is a cool new product – How will your family use Drink Docker? 

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Botanical Energies – Artisan Botanical Aromatics Just For You #EtsyShopReview

Botanical Energies – Artisan Botanical Aromatics Just For You

As a mom, perfume is often saved for specific occasions. It sure isn’t part of my daily routine if I’m running around with the kids. Every once in a while I remember to put it on if I head to the office, but more often than not I totally forget as I am trying to pack up the kids and get out the door on time.

Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t LIKE to smell nice. Before kids, I remember wandering the Macy’s perfume department and indulging in the latest scents. Who dares take a 4 year old boy to the perfume department? Not this mom. My little man will break something if I stop for too long. 

So, when I find an Etsy shop like Botanical Energies, I take some time to peruse their scents, read their descriptions, and explore the 19 different botanical aromatics they offer. They write such beautifully descriptive descriptions that I had the hardest time deciding on a single scent. I was torn, so I ended up with a sample pack to make sure I get the right scent. Plus, I wanted to try a man’s scent to see how that stacked up to my favorite man’s flavor.

Botanical Energies was fantastic to ship me my sample pack. When it arrived, I dove into it to try out the new scents. I even tested them with my neighbor. Here’s what I got:

  • FREE – this is a light and feminine scent that combines vanilla and freesia. This is my favorite of my sample pack.
  • FRIDA – she is spicy. I fierce scent for a strong woman. I’m more apt to wear this in small doses in the wintermonths.
  • MIDNIGHT – this is the man scent I mentioned earlier. It is masculine and scentual. I definitely pick up the chocolate notes mentioned in the description. I could totally enjoy this on my man.

Botanical Energies sent their package with some fantastic additional information about their other products. PLUS, a disclaimer on how to use these botanical aromatic oils. This is important because these oils are NOT perfume and I appreciate knowing how to apply it to my skin so I don’t get spots on my clothing.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with Botanical Energies on Etsy If you are looking to experiment with your scents, definitely check them out!

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