Drink Docker – Saving My New Car’s Cup Holders from Permanent Mess #ProductReview

Drink Docker – Saving My New Car’s Cup Holders from Permanent Mess

How long have you had your car? My last car is over 10 years old. Age + kids = permanently messy car. So, when I got my brand new car last year, I was determined to keep it clean. In fact, I never realized how messy the old car was until I looked at my cup holders and there wasn’t a sticky film crusted to the inside (gross, I know…but the truth).

Needless to say, I spend much of my morning commute with my coffee in hand and a roll of paper towels close by in case I have one of my typical clumsy ‘mom in a rush’ moments. I am always on the lookout for products that help me keep my car clean and prevent unwanted spills.

Drink Docker is that perfect cup holder insert that fits into my car’s cup holder and stabilizes my coffee minimizing my chances for spills. Plus, it keeps my hot coffee warmer longer and absorbs the condensation from my iced coffee. Drink Docker is a versatile product that snuggle hugs any container that will fit in your console and it is easy to take with you into the office or on the boat.

Another feature I like about Drink Docker is that it minimizes any drips that could leak into my car’s cup holders by absorbing leaked liquid. This is perfect for those drizzles I miss. And I can rest easy that I am doing my best to keep my car clean (…or as clean as I can with 2 young kids and a family that is constantly on the go).

Drink Docker is a cool new product – How will your family use Drink Docker? 

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This post is sponsored by Drink Docker. All opinions are 100% mine.


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