“You Are Not Coffee” – T-Shirt for Coffee Lovers #ProductReview

“You  Are Not Coffee” – T-Shirt for Coffee Lovers

I love coffee. I love snarky t-shirts too. So, when you combine the two…you know I’m going to love it. 

Now, how many of you need a minimum amount of caffeine before people should even talk to you? ME! This is why I love the Teespring campaign “You Are Not Coffee”. This is a campaign for coffee lovers who need their coffee before people speak to them. 

With a snarky message of “You Are Not Coffee So Get Out of My Face” you can wear this anytime you need to keep people away until you’ve consumed the proper amount of caffeine to function for the day.

You can pick from 4 t-shirt styles and 5 color options. However, since it is a Teespring campaign, they will only go to print if they sell the minimum number of shirts. At the time of publishing this post, they only needed 2 more shirts to go to production. So go check out 

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