Power of Hydrogen Peroxide for Green Cleaning Products from Pyoure #Review

Power of Hydrogen Peroxide for Green Cleaning Products from Pyoure

Since having children, I strive to use eco-friendly, non-toxic, green cleaning products in my home. Often it can be difficult to find high quality green cleaning products in the major national big box stores. Sure, in recent years, we’ve seen an increase in these eco-friendly cleaning products, but I often wonder how effective they are.

Pyoure Cleaning products are an alternative green cleaning product line that embraces the power of hydrogen peroxide to provide a better cleaning alternative for your home.  Hydrogen peroxide was carefully chosen because of its strong antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral qualities, which also kills mold and mildew.  Hydrogen peroxide breaks down instantly and safely into oxygen and water once it’s finished killing germs.

You can even get the Pyoure Cleaning products in several fresh scents including citrus mint. 

Do you use green cleaning products in your home?

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Suit & Tie Ideas for Your Man from Statesman Ties #ProductReview

Suit & Tie Ideas for Your Man from Statesman Ties

Neck ties are a classic gift for any man on any occasion regardless of age, status, or profession. Every man needs a good quality tie. Some men wear ties every day. Others only wear them on special occasions. Either way, those ties are a great way for your man to show off his style or personality. 

Some guys like to wear bright trendy colors. Others prefer a classic blue or brown. 

Statesman Ties has a full line of products for any man in your life. From skinny ties to ties for each country or ties for each state, you can get a tie to fit any man for any style at Statesman Ties.

Plus, its easy to order online through their classic and simple to use ecommerce site. 

Does your man wear ties daily or only on special occasions? Which state tie would you get for him?

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Care About What You Use on Your Body with Boutique Health for Women #Review

Care About What You Use on Your Body with Boutique Health for Women

Alright ladies, we all go through it…our monthly friend comes and we have to deal with it. We buy our chosen products to handle what we need to handle. Yet, the quality of the products we use continue to be put under scrutiny because of the toxic materials that are being used to make the products we need.

It’s frustrating. The lack of large corporations who continuously lace all sorts of consumer products with pesticides, carcinogens, and other toxic materials is disgusting. In order for you to get quality products that handle our monthly visitor, we have to be aware and diligent to ensure the companies you trust are using materials that won’t poison your body.

Why don’t we pay more attention? Perhaps it’s because we’ve never been aware of other alternatives. We’ve always gone to the local store and bought what we needed. We have no choice. They are products we need.

What if there was a better alternative?

Boutique Health for Women offers organic and natural feminine products to help us find better alternatives. The products at Boutique Health for Women range from sanitary pads to toothbrushes. Their sanitary pad products are organic and made with environmentally friendly materials.

Feminine Day Pad
The Benefits of Organic Sanitary Pads:
  • Highly absorbent: no leaks, no mishaps, no worries
  • All natural, extra comfortable, breathable
  • The paper used is not recycled therefore no bleaching is used
  • All cotton is 100% organic and is non allergenic
  • Ultra thin, soft and form fitting (it won’t feel like a nappy)
  • Chlorine and Dioxin free
  • Embedded with a Negative ion strip and FAR-IR (far-infrared rays) technology and provide unique therapeutic benefits
  • Environmentally friendly (over 95% biodegradable)
  • Anti-bacterial, non toxic
  • Suitable for maternity and incontinence

 So, how much do you pay attention to the personal products you use? 

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Michigan Auto Pros – A Collision Shop Who Works With You #Review

Michigan Auto Pros – A Collision Shop Who Works With You

I’m not a great driver. In fact, I haven’t been in a car accident since I was in college when I was T-Boned by another driver. I remember that fiasco being a complete headache when trying to coordinating insurance and getting the body work done so I could get back and forth to my classes.

Michigan Auto Pros understands the inconvenience a wrecked car can be on your life. They are a collision shop in Downriver Michigan who works with you to get your car fixed the right way the first time. They understand that the body work they do for you today will impact your car down the road – like when you want to sell it or trade it in.

If you live in the Downriver Michigan area and need some body work on your car, check out Michigan Auto Pros for all your collision needs.

Have you ever been in a car wreck?

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Restore Balance to Your Life with Kauai Retreats #Review

Restore Balance to Your Life with Kauai Retreats

The end of year craziness leaves me holding my breath for the New Year. As much as I love the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I always look forward to the start of  January when I can set new goals and start fresh.

Kauai Retreats offers a variety of meditation and yoga inspired retreats that focus on restoring the balance to your life. These types of retreats sound blissful right now. The Kauai retreats are designed to help you get away from the madness of everyday life get inspired and rejuvenated. 

All retreats at Kauai Retreats encourage positive thinking and healthy living. They are more than a vacation. Kauai Retreats help you heal on every level. Located in Hawaii and you can choose from full 7-day retreats to 1-day retreats depending on what you seek to achieve from a Kauai Retreat.

If you happen to be in the area, check out their website for Special Events and free events they invite you to attend.

How does a relaxing retreat sound to you right now?

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My Year in Review Thanks to Social Yearbook #ProductReview

My Year in Review Thanks to Social Yearbook

Last week, I had a guest post from Social Yearbook. They’ve developed a great platform for all of us social media addicts who document their lives via social media. From that awesome dinner you had with a special someone to those must-have first days of school pics of the kids, we all over share on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So, after sharing Social Yearbook’s guest post, I thought I’d try out the platform to see how it worked…and it’s EASY! Log in with your Facebook credentials. Pick a year or date range you want document. Edit the cover and inside pages.

So, here are a couple highlights of my 2015. These are spreads of pages that were automatically populated from my Social Yearbook account. 

I can edit the pages. You choose to include your pictures likes and the comments. It is all editable so you can get your yearbook looking exactly how you want before you send it to print.

This is such a fun way to capture your year in review and order your very own custom book. They tell you the total number of pages and the price if you want to get it printed. 

What do you do with all those pictures on your social profiles?

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Single Hung Windows by Home Windows Michigan #Review

Single Hung Windows by Home Windows Michigan #Review

I like being a homeowner…for the most part. Except when it comes to deciding on structural elements like windows.  Windows are necessary. You want to keep them in good condition. They effect your home’s energy efficiency. They aren’t cheap if you are replacing all of your windows. So, you want to consider your options carefully to make the right investment for your home.

Single hung windows by Home Windows Michigan provide some helpful tips when considering single hung windows verses double hung windows. They list a variety of pros and cons for single hung windows so you can make the best decision for your home. If you are still unsure and want to ask questions, Home Windows Michigan provides a few ways to get in touch with their window experts.

Making an investment in your home is a big decision. Trust companies who are making it easy for you to understand your options to find the right fit. Home Windows Michigan does that with their product and services.

Have you ever had to replace the windows in your home?

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Social Yearbook - Keeping Your Timeline Photos from Getting Lost on the Virtual Floor #GuestPost

I am so excited to share today's guest post. How many family pictures or special moments have gotten buried across your Facebook or Instagram feed? I know I have a few dozen over the last few years. This could potentially bring back those virtual images.

Social Yearbook - Keeping Your Timeline Photos from Getting Lost on the Virtual Floor #GuestPost

Like me, many of you are busy parents, just trying to keep up with what life throws at you on a daily basis.  As the kids get older, it has become even harder to keep up with friends and family that are local, much less those that live out of state. That’s why I love Facebook!

Over the last few years, I’ve been using Facebook as a means of sharing my life and my kids’ lives with my friends and family. My timeline is littered with those moments at the pumpkin patch, Collin’s first homer, our family RV adventure, or that summer beach vacation (that I so desperately want to be on right now). Facebook has been great for staying connected and sharing those memories. However, there’s a downside to all those social memories I am sharing… just like yesterday’s news they all get lost on my timeline.

When I realized that all of my memories were virtually hitting the floor, I knew there had to be a better way.

That’s where Social Yearbook (http://socialyearbook.com) came to my rescue. Social Yearbook is different than just a photobook of my Facebook photos. It actually captures all of the Comments and Likes for my pictures that make up a big part of those memories - a beautifully printed and bound version of my timeline that I can keep forever.

I’ve made photobooks in the past. My biggest complaint was that some of them literally took hours to create, as I sorted through and uploaded all of the photos I wanted to include in my book. The beauty is that Social Yearbook automatically does that for me by assembling the photos I have already uploaded to Facebook – which are always the best and most interesting pics I have. 

I just select a timeline or date range and it does all the work assembling my book. I can choose to select an entire year (ie 2015, 2014, 2013, etc.), or a specific date range (ie June 22nd – July 6th; my beach vacation ) and voilà! my book is ready to edit.

The best part is that I can choose to edit and delete any pictures, titles or comments that frankly I just don’t care to have forever etched in ink and paper.

There are countless ways to create a unique and custom book that I can enjoy for ages. For example, my father in law, who was very active on Facebook, recently passed away. 

To help hold on to some of the digital memories with him – my kids and I created a book that only included pictures with him or his comments. In just a few minutes, we had a one-of-a-kind keepsake that we will forever cherish. 

Getting started with Social Yearbook is easy! Just go to http://socialyearbook.com, log in with your Facebook credentials, and follow the step by step instructions. 

Shopping for Kids on a Budget – Lil Jelly Beans Can Help #Review

Shopping for Kids on a Budget – Lil Jelly Beans Can Help

This time of year with the weather changing and the holidays it can get real tricky to balance a budget for new clothes. When it comes to clothes for the kids, however, it’s hard to justify spending too much. They grow fast. They get stained. And in my case, the clothes disappear after the first wear. 

So, anytime I can find a way to shop for the kids on a budget, I am game! Lil Jelly Beans is an online clothing consignment shop for kids. This is perfect for me. I can find gently used clothing while shopping online. Started by a mom of 5 who understand our need for budget friendly shopping, Lil Jelly Beans is a great solution for moms with fast growing kids who need those clothes delivered to the front door.

They have a great selection of name brand clothing for kids of all sizes – newborn to kids size 12. I found a Boys 4T Nautica 3 piece outfit – button down, sweater, and jeans - for only $30. Great deal! Plus they offer layaway options.

For My Mom Spark readers, Lil Jelly Beans is offering FREE SHIPPING on your next order! How awesome is that?! Just use code FREESHIPNOW at checkout.

Do you shop consignment shops for your kids’ clothing?

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Last Minute Holiday #Giveaway 2015 (8 winners & Over $300 in Prizes)

2015 Last Minute Holiday Giveaway - [CLOSED]

Happy December My Mom Spark friends! 

We are starting the holidays off right in December. This is our Last Minute Holiday Giveaway from some of our favorite product reviews from 2015. Below you will find a quick highlight of some products we’ve loved this year! We have over $300 worth of prizes for readers to win. (Keep scrolling to enter)

1.) Nerium EHT -Mind Enhancement Formula  (Retail Value: $75.00) – Help defend your brain against the signs of aging with EHT® Age-Defying Supplement, Mind Enhancement Formula™. This breakthrough supplement features the patented EHT® molecule, which helps keep neural connections strong – resulting in increased brain performance and a healthy, focused mind. Each box contains a full 30-day supply.

2.) Set of 10 Christ Christmas Cards (Retail Value: $20.00)- Christmas Cards That Acknowledge Christ, The Reason For The Season. Top Quality Cards are Sold For Only $2.00 Each, Plus Envelopes. And Free, Same Day Shipping To Anywhere In The USA. 

3.) Hip Wrap Fanny Pack (Retail Value: $25.99) - Wear your shaping hip wrap fanny pack to the gym or to yoga class, while running, walking, or hiking; great for the movies and on date night; perfect for on the go errands and a great idea for vacations when security and, “hands free” is a must!

4.) 1 Pair of Diva Style Pee Wee Pumps-Black Color (Retail Value: $34.99) - Pee Wee Pumps are a Fun Photo Prop or Cute Fashion Accessory that comes in it's own keepsake box.  They are intended for babies 0-6 months ONLY.  They measure 11.0 cm from Heel to Toe.  They are NOT intended for walking, playwear or sleepwear. 

5.) My Pal Jumper (Retail Value: $38.99)- My PAL Jumper the Frog Activity Toy - Best Educational Toy for Babies and Toddlers 9 Mos. To 3 Yrs - The Safe, Cuddly and Fun Way to Help Your Child Learn – Great Christmas or Birthday Gift

6.) 100% Cotton Duvet Cover Sets (Retail Value: $49.95) - Vaulia 300-Thread-Count 100-Percent Cotton Duvet Cover Sets, Reversible Color Design, Twill Weave Construction - You can order before the holidays and save 15% off coupon code: X9J5XSLQ for My Mom Spark readers

7.) Vertical Wall Mounted Wall Rack (Retail Value: $36.95)- This vertically mounted wine rack adds height to any wall, allowing you to save space. It can securely hold up to nine bottles of your favorite wine. Its black wrought iron construction means it is durable and easy on the eyes.

8.) $20 L.L. Bean Gift Card (Retail Value: $20.00) - from yours truly. This is for a My Mom Spark reader as my appreciation for making 2015 an amazing year!

The Giveaway

One winner for EACH prize will be drawn on 12/18/15. Entries will close at 11:59pm on 12/17/15. US & Canada residents only please.  

MANDATORY ENTRIES - Follow each of our sponsors on Twitter. Earn extra entries after you've followed everyone on Twitter. 

*Daily entries available & don't forget to answer the question in our comments below for an easy 3 entries: - Which giveaway prize do you want to win the MOST? (Comment & come back to claim your entry!)

Sponsor will contact you directly to arrange delivery of your prize. All entries will be verified before being announced.

Thank you all for being a part of My Mom Spark's success in 2015. I look forward to great things in 2016.

Which giveaway prize do you want to win the MOST?

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Kollea Durable Dog Leash – Making it Easy to Walk Your Dog #ProductReview

Kollea Durable Dog Leash – Making it Easy to Walk Your Dog

Dogs are a wonderful party of your family. They are four-legged, lovable fur babies that warm up any home. Proper walking and exercise of these family members is a necessary chore that must be tended to for the betterment of their health and happiness.

One of my biggest complaints when trying to wrangle our 2 dogs at the same time is that they always want to go separate directions or walk at varying length (depending on what they want to smell). It can make keeping up with each of them quite a hassle. I had always said having a retractable dog leash would make more sense.

The Kollea Durable Retractable Dog Leash does make more sense for ease of walking a dog. The 26 foot long leash can hold up to 110lb dog. It is made of a durable nylon ribbon and designed with an anti-slip handle for secure gripping. One feature that can be super helpful is the reliable lock system so you can be in full control of how far Fido goes, or stop him before he runs into the neighbor’s flower bed. For me, this brake button would be great to set each leash at a different length based on my dog’s preference in distance.

Now, I don’t walk my dogs at night, but if you walk your fur baby at night, the Kollea Durable Dog Leash has an LED detachable flashlight. This seems like it would come in handy during winter months if you are taking a stroll after dinner or before bed.

You can grab the Kollea Durable Dog Leash on Amazon. They offer a 30 Day Money Back Warranty if you don’t like it. Plus, they have a special discount for My Mom Spark readers - Save $4 when you use the code: 6DCICP2G - this expires 12/15/15.

Do you walk your dogs on a retractable dog leash?

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Tabors Treasures – The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater #ProductReview

Tabors Treasures – The Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s an American tradition – the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Whether you gather with your neighbors in your tackiest holiday sweater or the office hosts an Ugly Christmas Sweater competition, this is a fun way to celebrate the season in a silly way that pays homage to the seriously tacky sweaters of earlier decades.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters have become such a sought after tradition that if you can’t compile your own concoction of an ugly sweater, there are Etsy shops and online retailers dedicated to helping your through your lack of ugly sweater plight. 

An Etsy Shop called Tabors Treasures tops the cake with this Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater ensemble. It is a one-of-a-kind creation that incorporates tinsel, large Christmas lights, and even references a red-nosed reindeer. The fantastically creative team at Tabors Treasures has taken an upcycled 80s sweater, applied an iron-on transfer of Phil Huxtable with reindeer antlers, and added a flashing red nose. All lights on this sweater come with an on/off switch and batteries. Finally this sweater is trimmed with multi-colored Jingle bells and Christmas ornaments on the front and the back.

If you are looking to take your Ugly Christmas sweater to the next level, consider snatching this incredibly tacky Ugly Christmas Sweater from Tabor Treasures. It clearly gives a “I made it myself” vibe.

Do you own an Ugly Christmas Sweater?

Until Next Time,


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