Care About What You Use on Your Body with Boutique Health for Women #Review

Care About What You Use on Your Body with Boutique Health for Women

Alright ladies, we all go through it…our monthly friend comes and we have to deal with it. We buy our chosen products to handle what we need to handle. Yet, the quality of the products we use continue to be put under scrutiny because of the toxic materials that are being used to make the products we need.

It’s frustrating. The lack of large corporations who continuously lace all sorts of consumer products with pesticides, carcinogens, and other toxic materials is disgusting. In order for you to get quality products that handle our monthly visitor, we have to be aware and diligent to ensure the companies you trust are using materials that won’t poison your body.

Why don’t we pay more attention? Perhaps it’s because we’ve never been aware of other alternatives. We’ve always gone to the local store and bought what we needed. We have no choice. They are products we need.

What if there was a better alternative?

Boutique Health for Women offers organic and natural feminine products to help us find better alternatives. The products at Boutique Health for Women range from sanitary pads to toothbrushes. Their sanitary pad products are organic and made with environmentally friendly materials.

Feminine Day Pad
The Benefits of Organic Sanitary Pads:
  • Highly absorbent: no leaks, no mishaps, no worries
  • All natural, extra comfortable, breathable
  • The paper used is not recycled therefore no bleaching is used
  • All cotton is 100% organic and is non allergenic
  • Ultra thin, soft and form fitting (it won’t feel like a nappy)
  • Chlorine and Dioxin free
  • Embedded with a Negative ion strip and FAR-IR (far-infrared rays) technology and provide unique therapeutic benefits
  • Environmentally friendly (over 95% biodegradable)
  • Anti-bacterial, non toxic
  • Suitable for maternity and incontinence

 So, how much do you pay attention to the personal products you use? 

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This post is sponsored by Boutique Health for Women. All opinions are 100% mine.


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