Great Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day #Review

Great Ideas for Dad on Father’s Day

It’s that time of year…when school is out, graduation is over, Mother’s Day has passed. Now, it’s time to find dad great ideas for gifts for Father’s Day. Shopping for dad can be the perfect opportunity to find that fun gadget or oddball knickknack that only your dad will love.

For ideas on great ideas for dad on Father’s Day, you’ve got to checkout Unique Gifts 4 Guys. A blog dedicated solely to sharing great products for guys.  They feature tons of great gift ideas and even more off-the-wall wacky ideas that only my dad would appreciate.

This year, they’ve assembled a list of their favorite Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2016. So, while you have time to place an order online, visit Unique Gifts 4 Guys. Tell them you heard about them from My Mom Spark.

What are you buying dad this year?

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Give Dad Good Luck with a Feng Shui Golden Cricket for Father’s Day #Review

Give Dad Good Luck with a Feng Shui Golden Cricket for Father’s Day

Sometimes Dad can be a hard person to shop for. He has all the gadgets. He doesn’t need any more ties. And perhaps the kids have outgrown those cute hand print cards they used to make when they were little.

Perhaps this year, Dad’s luck will change with a cool Feng Shui Golden Cricket figurine from Explosion Luck. This blue and gold statue makes a unique gift that Dad can put on his desk at the office. Measuring 3”x 6”, this decoration has a great meaning for a small space. Perfect for reminding Dad how lucky he is this Father’s Day.

What are you getting your Dad this year?

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Proday Fitness Workout – Workout App for Your Phone #Review

Proday Fitness Workout – Workout App for Your Phone

As a busy mom getting a workout in during gym hours can be difficult. Between school, workout, kids’ activities, and chores, I barely have time to get it all done.  Since there is little to no time for the gym, I am usually left to get my cardio or workout in after bedtime or between chores.

Proday Fitness Workout is an app that helps you get your workout in no matter where you are – or how busy you are. You can workout by following along on your phone with pro athletes and other fitness celebrities. For less than the cost of a gym membership, Proday Fitness Workout lets you get the right workout in on your schedule. From cardio to weight lifting to flexibility, there is a perfect workout for you in your phone whenever you need it.

I love being able to workout at home with some guided exercises. It is motivating and means I have no more excuses for not getting in my workout.

How do you get a good workout in with your busy schedule?

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Fitted Tots – A Stylish Toddler Clothing Subscription Service that Grows with Your Kids #Review

Fitted Tots – A Stylish Toddler Clothing Subscription Service that Grows with Your Kids

Babies grow so fast. Keeping up with their ever changing size in a stylish way can be a full time job. Between the multiple outfits per day as they reach new milestones and cause new messes, having a well-stocked wardrobe for your little ones can be really expensive!

Fitted Tots has found a solution for parents who like their kids looking stylish, but don’t want all the added cost. When you sign up for their Fitted Tot clothing subscription service, they send you perfectly matched and stylish outfits based on the survey information you provide. It makes it easy to finds super cute outfits for any kind of activity.

When you are finished with an outfit or they outgrow what you have, you ship back the clothes (and update sizes, if needed). They will send you a brand new set of outfits to replace those you sent back. It’s the perfect clothing exchange subscription service that keeps your little one perfectly posh.

Where do you find stylish clothes for your baby or toddler?

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Loving Traditions To Express Your Love To Your Mom #GuestPost

It's Mother's Day weekend and there are so many ways to make the moms in your life feel special. Here is our weekend guest post by Dr. M Clayson with some ideas on how to show your mom she is loved on Mother's Day.

Loving Traditions To Express Your Love To Your Mom 

We don't need to wait for a specific day to express our love to our moms because they deserve to feel it everyday! But if you do something special for your mother it will defiantly make her happy. What you will do on this Mother's day. This is the time to show your love and remind all the hard work our moms.Mothers do everything for her kids. 

Show her that you care and pay attention to her and you are not a vacant vessel lacking sentiments, emotions or feelings. Tell your mom how much you care and concern for her. The precise words can brighten her day.

It doesn't take much to express our mom appreciation and love. 

You can express your love and gratitude to her by doing simple things for her that she likes, like taking her out, making her a cup of coffee in the morning, cooking her favorite food once in a while, and going to the salon which is her favorite. Be expressive and emote your feelings very often. You can make special cards, cooked for her, write poems, surprise her with gifts and more. Moms love homemade gifts mostly.

Nordstrom brings you the great ideas and gifts for your mom. Use coupons to shop items on great price.You love your mom. She will love this stuff. Easy as that!

  • You can use codes to shop bags, bath & body sets, body cream & lotions, boots, candles, bracelets & bangles, brushes for eye, phone cases, rings, shirts, dresses, skin care products, slipper, mugs & tea cups, watches, books, hand phones, gift cards, fragrances and much more. Order now and make the day about her. Ask her what she wants to get and get it for her.Express your love with a gift. It’s not about the money, it's the emotion. 
  • You can also give her flowers and feathers vase because she needs something to put those flowers in.Buy some nice and classy dresses for your mom. A casual Petra bag is good if she has stuff to carry. She will use it every day.
  • You don't always have to purchase something to express your feelings. A meaningful gesture can do this for you.Get her a gift from your heart, one that connects to her heart. You can give her an old photo of the two of you framed.

Get gifts for her and remind her how much you love and appreciate her, always. She deserves this. 

You can never do enough to show your mom how grateful you are but you still try because you know there is nothing better than a smile on my mom's face.Our mother is our best friend and security blanket!It would be really hard if she is not around helping us. You can express your love to her by doing simple things for her that she likes. Always say thank you to her, for all her love and do something specific to her, something that really shows you care!

Mother's day is great,to show your mom love but don't wait! Show love anytime, she deserve to get care and love from you everyday. 

Child Safety Tags – Multi-Use Child ID Tags #Giveaway

Child Safety Tags – Multi-Use Child ID Tag [Giveaway Details Below]

As a parent we want nothing more than to keep our kids safe from harm. Losing track of your child is a thing of nightmares for most parents. I often worry my kids won’t know the key information they need to get the help they need in an emergency. 

Child Safety Tags are a great way for your child to have the contact information that emergency personnel need in the event they get lost or there is an accident. They are proven to get vital information to the right people.

Child Safety Tags is offering a free set of 3 Child Safety Tags to one lucky My Mom Spark reader! Claim your entries to this Quick & Easy giveaway below. 

Be sure to share this giveaway with your other mom friends – and claim your daily entry for each tweet sharing this awesome safety product.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be announced on May 13th via the My Mom Spark blog!

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Lilly Pilly Baby – Organic Gear for Moms & Babies #Review

Lilly Pilly Baby – Organic Gear for Moms & Babies

There is no denying the organic parenting trend that is happening on all fronts right now. The focus on reducing chemicals in the products we use has been stronger in recent years than ever before. While big corporate brands have found shortcuts to producing more products at lower costs, they have sacrificed customer safety and health.

I love seeing the movement of consumers making a stand for getting what is right and natural in the products we use. We shouldn’t sacrifice our own health to save costs for these big corporate brands.

So when I see entrepreneurs promoting the organic and green options for products we need and use as mothers for our babies, I love sharing with you. Lilly Pilly Baby is an online boutique focused on bringing you’re the best selection of organic and green living mom and baby items. From cloth diapers to baby carrying wraps to adorable children’s clothes.

Everything in this shop is perfect for baby shower gifts or to stock up on your own supplies for your little ones. Stop by and let the owners at Lilly Pilly Baby know you heard it on My Mom Spark.

Do you make it a point buy organic items for you or your kids?

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