Proday Fitness Workout – Workout App for Your Phone #Review

Proday Fitness Workout – Workout App for Your Phone

As a busy mom getting a workout in during gym hours can be difficult. Between school, workout, kids’ activities, and chores, I barely have time to get it all done.  Since there is little to no time for the gym, I am usually left to get my cardio or workout in after bedtime or between chores.

Proday Fitness Workout is an app that helps you get your workout in no matter where you are – or how busy you are. You can workout by following along on your phone with pro athletes and other fitness celebrities. For less than the cost of a gym membership, Proday Fitness Workout lets you get the right workout in on your schedule. From cardio to weight lifting to flexibility, there is a perfect workout for you in your phone whenever you need it.

I love being able to workout at home with some guided exercises. It is motivating and means I have no more excuses for not getting in my workout.

How do you get a good workout in with your busy schedule?

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  1. I was finding that because of my ratcheting down of the intensity of my workout over time, my workout was not preparing me as well for the kind of exertion that was needed or expected of me in my karate class.


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