Dy Style – Rockabilly Retro Style Clothing You Will Love #EtsyShopReview

Dy Style – Rockabilly Retro Style Clothing You Will Love

I love the retro clothing styles that have come back into style recently. The high waist and the bold patterns have a fun and flirty vibe that allow you to show off your personality and your style. 

Dy Style on Etsy has an awesome shop of these retro, rockabilly, pin up style clothes inspired by the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. One of my favorite pieces is the bold black and white style high waist dress that is classic and sassy all at the same time – especially if you add a red hair ribbon for an accent.
This same bold black and white pattern is featured in several styles – maxi skirts, dresses, and short skirt. So you can add this classic pattern to your wardrobe easily. 

Shop owner, C. Diana, makes these amazing creations all by hand and to order. So each piece is perfectly made for you and custom requests are available if you see a style you want in a different fabric. This level of custom orders is one of the many reasons I love finding and supporting Etsy Shop owners like Dy Style.

What era of style inspires your wardrobe the most?

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Wall Inspired – Adorable Wall Décor for Your Nursery #EtsyShopReview

Wall Inspired – Adorable Wall Décor for Your Nursery

Decorating the nursery was one my favorite pregnancy tasks. Coming up with a theme, finding all the elements, and putting it all together was so much fun. But…the wall décor was always a struggle. I felt like everything was too permanent. Then, I discovered wall decors. They are an awesome way to decorate a room with a theme and easily change it by changing the decal.

Wall decals have been a great solution for moms and interior designers alike. Finding the right decals can take some time. That’s why I love the Etsy shop called Wall Inspired. At Wall Inspired has over 800 unique vinyl wall decals for the baby’s nursery. Plus, she does custom designs too!

One of my favorite designs is this tree decal with whimsical forest animals. This scene is made to order and can come with any color combination for the tree leaves. The size is designed to fit a full wall and you can arrange each character to make your scene unique.

Etsy shop owner offers a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the decal for any reason. This is just one of many reasons I love working with Etsy shop owners – they take pride in their work and want their customers to be happy.

Wall Inspired has so many great wall decals for your nursery or your children’s rooms. So, as your children grow you can change the decals as their room theme changes.

Have you used wall decals in your home décor or children’s rooms? What has inspired your decal choices?

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The Truth About Baby Weight #GuestPost

Ugh! Baby weight...moms, we all struggle with it! Holly has a great story to share about how she figured out the truth about baby weight. Read her guest post below and share your thoughts!

The Truth About Baby Weight

Before learning what it would take to really lose those last few pounds, I tried and failed at many things for 2 years. I did the Waterfall Diet, saw a Chinese Herbalist, took Dandelion, sat in hot saunas, went low sodium, lowered my carbs, upped my carbs, wore a sweat belt while exercising, was hypnotized, did hot yoga, ate asparagus and parsley and drank celery juice and detox teas. 

I went from Paleo back to Vegan, then to Paleo again with cheese. I followed the 4 Hour Body, Atkins and South Beach. I kick boxed, lifted weights, walked and ran. I utilized my resources and consulted with Celebrity Trainers and Nutritionists. I even sought the Medical advice of a Hormone Specialist, Internist and Endocrinologist in an attempt to check for other underlying, more serious causes of water retention. 

I had blood work done, got tested for food allergies and even applied Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream. If someone or something promised to get rid of my water retention or Postpartum fat, then I tried it. As fate would have it, not a single one of these triggered the weight to budge more than a pound. Not a single pound.  

Little did I know at the time, but I was treating the extra weight like it was the same kind of weight gained from overeating or a sedentary lifestyle.  When in fact, it was very, very different.  Once I learned what all my post-pregnancy weight was comprised of, I was able to treat it as such and the excess weight fell off seemingly overnight.

Upon figuring out truth about post-pregnancy weight, I knew that it was my duty to share the information with other Moms, so that's what I'm doing.  If you want to learn how I finally (and quickly) shed the pounds leftover from pregnancy, read more of my story at Truth About Baby Weight


Appubble: Family First Everything Else Apple #GuestPost

Are you an Apple family? Read today's guest post from the Mannings and how they want to help your family navigate the Apple landscape. 

Appubble: Family First Everything Else Apple

Hi! We are the Mannings - a modern-day family of four, consisting of me, Seth; my wife, Janice; our eight-year-old daughter, Ashley, and our two-year-old son, Jacob. We are what you call an "Apple" family, since the majority of what we own is either made by Apple or connects to an Apple product. Hmmm, we might actually be Apple fanatics, considering we also have over 1,000 apps and games. All in all, you can say we are addicted to Apple!

As a family, we were early Apple adopters and have amassed a large amount of not only Apple products and accessories, but apps as well. Each of us has our own app category preferences, of which we have become experts. Seth's specialties are games, productivity, social networking, photography and video. Janice, on the other hand, is into healthcare & fitness, news, weather, music and medical apps. Ashley enjoys art, entertainment, sports, games, videos and reference apps. Jacob's iPad Mini is filled with educational apps, such as Monkey Preschool and YouTube for Kids.

We use our iPhones and iPads in EVERY aspect of our lives EVERY single day. As a family, we are extremely knowledgeable about all things Apple. So what better way to put our years of knowledge and experience to use than to create a blog and review site about everything Apple? Our goal is to help other families like us navigate the Apple landscape. By embracing and sharing our passion for all things Apple, we aim to enhance your family's life.Ê

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister or cousin to someone and you own any Apple product, then Appubble is the perfect site for you. 

eKAVACH Parental Control App – The Future of Digital Parenting #GuestPost

As a parent with growing children who are more and more interested in playing games on my phone or my tablet, safety is of upmost importance. We have to keep the kids safe as they explore the digital world. This is why I'm excited for our guest post today from eKAVACH. Read more about how you can safeguard your children, too.

eKAVACH Parental Control App – The Future of Digital Parenting

eKAVACH is a unique mobile parental control application for parents which offers families comprehensive safety in the online world and offers sufficient parental supervision and control over a child’s activities across various digital media to ensure focused learning outcomes and appropriate usage of social media. 

Today’s digital world is full of online threats such as internet & gaming addiction, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, pornography. With so much technology around kids, eKAVACH parental control app provides parents the best family protection and internet safety from various online risks. 
With eKAVACH digital parenting application, you can monitor and control internet time, enable content filtering and safe search on your kids’ smart phones and tablets to provide safe browser experience.

eKAVACH offers unique insights about the behavior and activities of kids, when they are online and on the move, which can help parents to make better and more informed decisions about their children. 

The name eKAVACH™ has been derived from the Hindi word “Kavach”, which means a shield. Through eKAVACH™, Certus Technologies is offering a mobile electronic shield to parents to protect their children from falling prey to cyber bullying, online grooming, inappropriate web content and other forms of online security risks. 

The main features of eKAVACH parental control app are:

  • Safe browsing, content filtering and safe search for major browsers - Prevents exposure to inappropriate content such as pornography, sex by setting auto age-appropriate web category filter for children. Parents can also define custom filters based on their own parenting style for safe browsing experience for kids
  • Set Healthy Access Limit for Internet Usage - Aimed at internet safety of your kids, this feature reduces internet addiction by limiting screen time per day
  • Keep a tab over gaming and other applications – This feature reduces exposure of kids to inappropriate apps, prevents gaming and social networking as in Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter apps as parents can set healthy time limits or block access to any app
  • Real Time Alerts & Push Notifications for breaches - Can helps parents to mitigate any kind of risk to their kids to ensure child safety. Parents can customize alerts notifications. Receive SMS notifications if there is no internet connection. 
  • View Dashboard of your child’s online activities -  Enable positive parenting by analyzing the types of sites your child visits / tries to visit, type of apps kids download. Take a step towards digital parenting by viewing these trends from your child’s dashboard 
  • Remotely Manage activities – eKAVACH parental control app allows family access from anywhere, anytime. Be it from office or on the move, there is no need to be physically around to ensure child safety
  • Device Heartbeat & Geo-location – Monitor child device reach through device heartbeat monitoring. Geo coordinates helps the parents to track location of their children for their safety. 
  • Family Relaxation Time – Gives parents the ability to define quality family access time for meals or other family activities. All internet and app access will be blocked during these times to give kids a break
  • Emergency Child Notification to Parents – Kids can send SOS message to parents from the child device in case of an emergency. Parents will receive message with geo location to ensure timely assistance and child safety
  • Communication with Parents – Child application also allows kids to send regular messages to parents for conversations with them any time of the day

Download the FREE apps today 
Parent app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yourekavach.parent&hl=en
Child app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yourekavach.child

Nokios Jewelry – Exclusive Handmade Jewelry #EtsyShopReview

Nokios Jewelry – Exclusive Handmade Jewelry

Did you know: The name Jasper is derived from the Greek word iaspi meaning ''spotted stone.''

I love learning fun new facts when I’m shopping online. I had no idea the origin for the name of the stone Jasper. But when I see rustic unique jewelry that incorporates such a beautiful stone, I want to know more about it!

Nokios Jewelry Etsy shop has a ton of really cool & beautiful jewelry that has an authentic and rustic feel to it. I love this style for casual every day wear. It’s neutral. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. Everything you’d want in your jewelry.

This Handmade Jasper Bracelet found at Nokios Jewelry has detailed information about the stones, how to care for each stone, and where you can find these stones around the world. I find it all so fascinating and I love that shop owner gives so much information. She really knows her product and does a great job helping her customers make an informed decision about her pieces.

Nokios Jewelry carries bracelets, earings, and necklaces of beaded semi-precious stones that are gorgeously designed jewelry that makes for a great gift for yourself or a friend.

What is the coolest piece of jewelry you’ve bought/received? 

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North Mom Creations – Hair Bows, Clips, Monogrammed Bags & More #EtsyShopReview

North Mom Creations – Hair Bows, Clips, Monogrammed Bags & More 

Oh Etsy! You never cease to deliver the most adorable shops who create amazing creations. This is no different with my latest discover – North Mom Creations Etsy shop. At North Mom Creations you can find over 170 handmade creations from bows, clips, headbands, and monogrammed beach bags.

As I browse the hair bows and accessories, I can’t seem to stay away from the bags. I tend to have a slight bag obsession. So adding a tote to my collection is very tempting. My favorite tote has to be the “DanceMom” tote bag

Yep, I said it. With my oldest loving dancing, I guess I am at the point of embracing my dance mom status. So, I love this bag. But, North Mom Creations over 28 different designs, so deciding on just one design was hard. And she pretty much has any type of customizable tote you could want.

So, if you could customize a tote to carry every day, what would your bag say?

Until Next Time,


This post is sponsored by NORTHMOMCREATIO. All opinions are 100% mine.

LEGO Molds from LUCENTEE #ProductReview


Kids love building blocks. Recently I’ve seen the recipes for Lego-shaped candy or gummies that actually click together. I thought… “Those are a TON of fun.” My son loves his LEGOS and he would love having candy he can play with and get a treat.

I’ve share some other silicone products from LUCENTEE, but these are by far my favorite – LEGO Molds. Like the other LUCENTEE products, these candy molds are made out of BPA free, high quality, soft silicone. You can easily make and remove candy from these molds without sticking to the mold.

If you aren’t keen on making candy these molds can double as ice cube trays to make fun shaped ice cubes for your summertime drinks. Plus this product set comes with a bonus recipe ebook for even more ideas about having fun with the LEGO molds.

My Mom Spark readers - Save 20% off your LUCENTEE order – use code: LUCENT20 when you check out.

Who is ready to make some LEGO candy with your kiddos?

Until Next Time,


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Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set by LUCENTEE #ProductReview

Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set by LUCENTEE

How do you cook without a silicone spatula? I have several in my kitchen drawers. I use at least one for almost every meal. They are super handy for flipping, stirring, decorating, or serving food.  But, I’ve made the mistake of picking up the low quality and cheap spatulas at the grocery store. They just don’t last.

The LUCENTEE silicone kitchen utensil set is the perfect selection of 3 spatulas – 2 large spatulas and 1 small spatula. These silicone utensils are 100% BPA free and made of a super soft silicone that makes them versatile for all your kitchen needs. Plus, I love that they offer a money back guarantee so you are going to be 100% satisfied.

Each size spatula in this set has a fun name and recommended uses. For example, SCARLETT (the small spatula) is great for getting the sauces out of jars, decorating cakes, and letting you sample your creations.

This is a great set that is available on Amazon (Prime eligible) for a great price for the quality product you are getting.

How do you use a spatula in your kitchen?

Until Next Time,


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Secrets of a Homeschool Mom eCourse #ProductReview

Secrets of a Homeschool Mom eCourse

So, my background is in education. I’ve taught everything from 2 year-olds to high school students. For many reasons, I got out of public education, but I give tons of credit to those who continue to teach AND those who make the decision to home school. 

Home schooling your children takes a lot of effort, organization, and passion to keep everyone on track toward meeting educational goals. I’ve toyed with the idea of home schooling my children. In looking at resources (which there are TONS) for home schooling parents, nothing has been so complete at the e-course “Secrets of a Home School Mom” on Udemy. 

Secrets of a Home School Mom is a course designed to help moms (& dads) through the process of deciding to teach their children at home. Instructor E. B. Joseph takes you step by step through important each level of home schooling – from the financial considerations to state law requirements to course planning. 

Several points I hadn’t considered – like, I should test living on 1 income for 3 months to see if it is financially viable AND supplies, tutors, and resources can get expensive if I’m not financially ready for that shift in my family’s lifestyle

With over an hour of fabulous content, this Udemy course is worth the small investment (only $38) to get information you need to address your home schooling decision. I enjoyed watching and learning with E. B. on Secrets of a Home School Mom e-course.

Do you home school? Or have you considered home schooling for your children?

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Lucentee - Colorful Cooking Utensils for Kids #ProductReview

Lucentee - Colorful Cooking Utensils for Kids

My kids love to help me in the kitchen. I often try to find time and recipes that are kid-friendly enough for them to help prepare. Tasks like mixing the brownie mix or flipping the pancakes are perfect. Plus, these are life skills all kids need to become comfortable with at some point in their lives.

One set of cooking utensils that makes it easy  (and fun) for kids to join the kitchen activities are the Kids Cooking Utensils from Lucentee. These colorful silicone baking utensils each have a vibrant color and serve a different purpose.  All Lucentee products are BPA free, made of high quality super soft silicone, and FDA approved. They offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

I love the idea that they named each piece in the set and described each of their functions so you know exactly how to use each utensil. You’ve got to pick up a set on Amazon (they are Prime eligible) and get 20% off when you check out using code LUCENT20.

I’m getting excited for the next batch of chocolate chip brownies I’m going to make with the kids. What do you like to cook with your kids?

Until Next Time,


This post is sponsored by LUCENTEE. All opinions are 100% mine.

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