Appubble: Family First Everything Else Apple #GuestPost

Are you an Apple family? Read today's guest post from the Mannings and how they want to help your family navigate the Apple landscape. 

Appubble: Family First Everything Else Apple

Hi! We are the Mannings - a modern-day family of four, consisting of me, Seth; my wife, Janice; our eight-year-old daughter, Ashley, and our two-year-old son, Jacob. We are what you call an "Apple" family, since the majority of what we own is either made by Apple or connects to an Apple product. Hmmm, we might actually be Apple fanatics, considering we also have over 1,000 apps and games. All in all, you can say we are addicted to Apple!

As a family, we were early Apple adopters and have amassed a large amount of not only Apple products and accessories, but apps as well. Each of us has our own app category preferences, of which we have become experts. Seth's specialties are games, productivity, social networking, photography and video. Janice, on the other hand, is into healthcare & fitness, news, weather, music and medical apps. Ashley enjoys art, entertainment, sports, games, videos and reference apps. Jacob's iPad Mini is filled with educational apps, such as Monkey Preschool and YouTube for Kids.

We use our iPhones and iPads in EVERY aspect of our lives EVERY single day. As a family, we are extremely knowledgeable about all things Apple. So what better way to put our years of knowledge and experience to use than to create a blog and review site about everything Apple? Our goal is to help other families like us navigate the Apple landscape. By embracing and sharing our passion for all things Apple, we aim to enhance your family's life.Ê

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister or cousin to someone and you own any Apple product, then Appubble is the perfect site for you. 


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