How to Deal with Baby Sleeping Issues #GuestPost

Remember the struggles of getting into a good sleep routine with your newborn? It is always great to find sound advice from experts - like those at Today's guest post shares some great tips on how to deal with your baby sleeping issues.

How to Deal with Baby Sleeping Issues

For new born babies it is well known and expected that they will get up many times at night. Newborn babies that are just now entered the world need their time to adjust, adopt and realize and gain good sleeping habits. For more mature babies this is not the case and they should sleep through the night.

A lot of new parents have a lot of questions regarding baby care, questions like: How to take a baby to sleep? When do babies crawl? What are infant growth spurts? and much more. In this short article we will try to explain and go over things that might be affecting your baby sleeping patterns and what can you do as a parent differently.

Pre-fixed patterns and routines

Your new born baby needs fixed patterns. Your newborn biological clock is not yet set up and if you don’t set a well-known and well establish routine for your newborn they will find it difficult to settle down or to fall asleep. We as parents must follow a fixed pattern in our day by day care of our baby. When you maintain fixed day by day patterns, when they eat, when you play together, when they sleep, they will almost automatically begin to understand when they are supposed to play, when to sleep and so on.

"Start a routine as soon as possible. Help your baby by setting a routine and follow the routine as much as possible"

Sleep during the day

It is very important that you will track your baby sleeping patterns and the times they sleep during the day.  A lot of times sleeping issues in babies' accrue at night and that is because your baby is not tired enough due to long period of sleeping time during the day. You must play with your baby sufficiently to make him or her tired by the end of the day so they will fall asleep due to tiredness and natural fatigue.

"Help your baby in discovering new stimulates and habits during the day that will help them sleep soundly at night"

It varies with the age of your baby, but in any case try not to take your baby to long naps during the day. A baby who is just a few months old should at the most sleep for an hour at a time. For a new born baby that is about 0-3 months old they should sleep for a longer periods of time and up to three hours. Don’t allow your baby to sleep as much as they want during the day. If you do so you are just maintaining their sleeping issues and they are sure to have problems at night time.

The outdoors

It is a best practice as they say to take your baby somewhere during the day. You can take your baby to a family or friend’s house, or even to a park. Your baby would love the change to be stimulated by the environment in which he or she is in. For newborn babies try to find an environment that is not full with a wide range of stimulates rather just a few, a large and hectic shopping mall is not the best place for your little one.

"Nature and the outdoors is a great place to stimulate your baby"


Your baby sleeping habits can be affected by a lot of things that are surrounding them. By keeping a close eye on your baby sleeping patterns, by instilling patterns and routines and by playing and stimulating them during the day you can change your newborn sleeping patterns and issues and teach your newborn baby to sleep through the night.

Coco & Blu – Stylish Nursery Art for Modern Moms #EtsyShopReview

Coco & Blu – Stylish Nursery Art for Modern Moms

I love all the modern art that is available for nursery décor these days. Makes me wish I had spent more time seeking out these more stylish collections when I was planning the nurseries for both of my babes. However, I had not discovered Etsy when I was pregnant over 8 years ago. However, Etsy is now one of my favorite places to find this stylish nursery art for friends who are expecting. 

At Coco & Blu, they have a ton of great collections for nursery décor. A few of their collections I may consider for my youngest new ‘big boy’ room. Inspired by a designer mom's need to create a modern, fun room for her daughters, Coco & Blu was born in January 2016.

Coco & Blu is a modern, Scandinavian inspired art & decor brand featuring a vast collection of art for babies and kids’ rooms. It will soon include-soft toys, pillows, banners, stationery & more! I loved shopping through the available art. They’ve made my short list of go-to Etsy shop for baby shower gift ideas.

For all My Mom Spark readers, Coco & Blu is offering an introductory coupon for 10% off. Use coupon code : summer

What did you hang on the walls of your nursery?

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Applesauce Art - Modern Art Prints that Encourage Kids #Review

Applesauce Art - Modern Art Prints that Encourage Kids

Decorating your kids’ room is a fun project. One of the easiest ways to update or change a room from toddler to little girl is to change up the wall art you have hanging on the wall. Modern art for kids can be a lot of fun.

Applesauce Art has an awesome selection of modern art prints that encourage kids to be kids through playful designs. These prints feature whimsical characters engaging in the action word on the print. The cat playing with blocks reads “Play”.

One of my favorite parts of the Applesauce Art collection is that the prints come in a few languages – French, Spanish, and Japanese. This is great for parents and teachers who want to encourage kids to learn, play, and have fun in all languages around the world.

For my oldest, I ordered a set of the typography prints – “peace” “joy” and “love” – in English, French, and Spanish. The colors are perfect for her room as she gets older.

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Mind Stir Media – Self-Publishing Options for Every Author

Mind Stir Media – Self-Publishing Options for Every Author

Are you a writer who dreams of publishing your own book? Self-publishing is one option to help you get your start on your journey to your dream. Writers of all genres, styles, and messages are finding success with self publishing systems like Mind Stir Media.

Mind Stir Media offers premium mentoring packages for new authors as well as self-publishing packages. President of Mind Stir Media, J. J. Herbert, has helped produce hundreds of books for authors nationwide. Called “The Self-Publishing Guru” he can help you get your book idea designed, edited, and published with their self-publishing packages.

The goal of Mind Stir Media is to make it easy as possible for you to publish and sell your book.

Are you a writer seeking to publish a book?

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Little Thinker Adventures – Audio Books to Engage Your Little Ones #Review

Little Thinker Adventures – Audio Books to Engage Your Little Ones

We love reading in my house. Both of my kids love using their imaginations to escape into the adventure of a book. While my oldest is reading chapter books well above her grade level, she doesn’t always like to read to her little brother. So, on those afternoons where screen time has been limited and they are both seeking something to do, I’m always looking for new ways to engage their imaginations while keeping them entertained.

Little Thinker Adventures audio books is a great way to engage your little ones while encouraging the value of reading, keeping them entertained, and sparking their imaginations. With dozens of great titles, you can find stories for your kids that they are sure to enjoy. These audio books are perfect for family summer road trips or quiet afternoons at home.

My Mom Spark readers - Save 20% on your order by using "friend" at checkout.

In a world that is driven by digital media overload, Little Thinkers provides a wholesome alternative that is both educational and entertaining.

Watch this video to learn more about Little Thinkers Adventures:

Do your kids love audio books?

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Turnovers – Gender Neutral Clothing for Your Baby #Review

Turnovers – Gender Neutral Clothing for Your Baby

Baby clothes are so cute…and little…and gender-specific. In a world where the blurring of adult gender lines is a hot topic, I keep seeing baby clothing maintain very distinct gender-specific styles. Pink is for girls. Blue is for boys. I’ve always appreciated baby clothes that allow a parent to have some versatility in their little one’s style.

Turnovers is an online shop of baby clothes that allows you to have multiple styles and options with a single outfit. The onesies are reversible and coordinated with the pants. The bibs cross-coordinate with either style.  Plus, they have outfits with pink designs on one side and coordinating blue style on the other. The gender neutral nature and versatility you get with any of the sets is a great, but there is no confusion with no grey area when it comes to girly features or boy-appropriate details.

All of the baby clothes offered at Turnovers is made of safe, natural materials. Their ultra soft fabrics aremade from recycled soybean fiber. They are durable and designed to reduce fading and shrinking, so the clothes last for a little brother or sister down the road.

Turnovers has fantastic options if you are expecting a baby, know a friend who is expecting a baby, or want gender-neutral options for your little ones.

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This post is sponsored by Turnovers. All opinions are 100% mine.

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