Rhyme Time for the Foolish & Coolish – Modern Twist for Bedtime #Review

Rhyme Time for the Foolish & Coolish – Modern Twist for Bedtime

My favorite time of the day is bedtime. Partly because I know I will get some quiet time to unwind from my day, but also because I love spending time snuggled up reading a book with my kids before the fall to sleep. These minutes are some of my most precious mommy time during the day. We are always exploring new books and revisiting classic favorites.

Rhyme Time for the Foolish & Coolish is a fun new twist on classic rhyming books. These sing-songy stories give an updated feel that the kids love. Themes of diversity, equality and inclusion, creativity through self-expression, technology and environmentalism are presented in a fun, cool, kid-friendly style.

Even the illustrations are colorful, vibrant, and modern visuals that fit great with these reimagined and relatable 21st century themes. You will find girls pursuing STEM, boys enjoying art, and reflect the use of today’s technology and video games that the kids will recognize. 

Rhyme Time books are written to inspire any kid’s imagination. They are available on Etsy or grab the ebook  version on Amazon by searching for the author Devon Clasen.

Do you read with your kids every night?

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