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Admitopia – Helping College Students Find the Right School

Prepping and planning for college is stressful – for parents and students. Beyond the academic basics – making the grades, passing the tests, and having all the right activities on their resume – how do students know if they are choosing the right school for their future?

So many students go off to college to find out later that the school of their dreams wasn’t all it cracked up to be. Perhaps they thought college life would be a certain way, but their school tour didn’t give an accurate depiction of what they would be experiences.

Admitopia is an online service helping students, and the parents, find the right college. Admitopia is not all about academic matchmaking. They focus on helping families find real life students and families who can give more insight into the REAL college experience.

The way it works:

A family with a college bound student can register online at Admitopia. You select the school in which you are interested. Then, you can find other college studetns who’ve already partenered with Admitopia to share their experience. You simply request a call with the selected student(s) and they help answer any questions you may have about the college, courses, student life, etc.

Admitopia is focused on getting families answers to their questions about college with honest feedback from real students. They want to help you make the right decision for yourself or your student. Sign up today to learn more about Admitopia!

Do you have a college-bound student? 

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