Choosing The Ideal Blow Dryer For Your Hair & Budget #GuestPost

As a busy mom, I often don't have time to put too much thought into my hair...let alone my hair dryer. Today's guest post helps us break down finding the right blow dryer for your hair and your budget. Brought to you by Shop Hair Dryers - a website full of advice on a wide variety of hair dryers for all hair types. Enjoy today's guest post!

Choosing The Ideal Blow Dryer For Your Hair & Budget

Having trouble choosing the right hair dryer for your family? We break down how to find the best hair dryer for your hair type and budget.

Picking The Best Hair Dryer For The Entire Family

If you're purchasing a hair dryer for family use, pick one with numerous heat and speed settings. Those with thicker hair may want to use higher speeds while children may prefer a cooler setting. Pick a dryer with the ability to turn the ion setting on and off since ions aren't suitable for every type of hair. For example, those with fine hair may want to turn the ion setting off in order to create volume.
Thick & Coarse Hair

According to Shop Hair Dryers, a blow dry review site, heat is imperative if you want to straighten or style hair that is exceptionally thick and unmanageable. Pick a hair dryer with at least 1800 watts of power such as the Rusk Spead Freak or T3 Featherweight. You also want to opt for ionic and tourmaline technology which dry hair strands from the inside out which minimizes damage from heat styling.

Curly Locks & Wavy Hair

If you have curly hair pick a dryer with a diffuser in order to keep your locks manageable and smooth. Most hair dryers come with a diffuser. These can also be purchased separately since most hair dryers will work with a  universal diffuser. You will want to use a dryer with lower heat settings since curly hair generally turns out more manageable with lower heat.

Drying Hair On A Budget

Contrary to popular belief you don't need to spend a fortune in order to get the best hair dryer. Brands such as Revlon and Conair have producing quality dryers for years, many which come with the same ionic and tourmaline technology found in more upscale brands. 


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