9 Reasons Why Children Should Play Music #GuestPost

9 Reasons Why Children Should Play Music

Coming from the kitchen is a loud clattering of pots, pans and spoons. Then comes a crash. You run down to see what’s happened. Your child is sat on the floor, along with half of your kitchen, merrily banging away on a pan. In that very moment you might not be likening your child to Ringo Starr, but creativity has to start somewhere, and it’s usually a messy process. So, just before reacting, consider instead the creative musical impulses at play and buy your child a drum kit (you might want to start off digital, headphones can save you a lot of headache).

Your daughter may or may not be the next Mozart musical prodigy, no matter, open your child’s natural curiosity to a world of sound and wonder. Playing music is beneficial for numerous, invaluable reasons. Playing music may lead to an inspiring career, or may just encourage a child to discover new passions and possibilities. Here are just some of the benefits of learning to play music.

Music is about sharing

Music is best played in ensemble. While a child might grudgingly practice their instrument, motivation can be highly elevated when they play and share music with other children. Joining a band or an orchestra is a great after-school activity. Playing music with others is a fantastic way the brain learns about social dynamics such as cooperation. In an orchestra or ensemble, there is no music if the group doesn’t function as a whole. 

Play music to stay fit

Many people will be surprised to find that making music starts with the body. Your body is the generator of sound, movement, and rhythm; music teaches its participants to listen to their bodies. Playing music is physical, so keep your child fit. Sports and music are not mutually exclusive!

Playing music is all about listening

Eighty percent of playing is about listening. Listening to your body, and listening to others. Music is about being attentive to your environment. Playing music is great for kids because their world will be shaped by empathy. 

Learn music to learn language

You’ve probably heard it a million times; music is good for the brain. Be wary of what you read online. When it comes to health claims be careful. Always read the science behind it before you buy. Music and the brain is a well-researched topic. To find out more on language acquisition and the brain, tune into NPR’s All Things Considered – This is your brain. This is your brain on music. 


Playing music is about sharing a creative experience. We learn through a shared experience. Making music might be the ultimate collaboration. 


Practice takes practice. Sound a bit off the wall? Practicing is boring! It’s frustrating and it’s messy too. We all wish we could make progress without working at it. With some talent we sometimes cheat and get by, but like everything in life music takes hard work and dedication. As you well know, being a kid is all about hard work and sweat. Nuh-uh, but there’s nothing wrong with breaking a little sweat in order to accomplish your best. 


Performing is the big nerve blender. It’s the dread of every music-playing child - and many adults. What if questions pop up all over the place. What if I make mistakes? What if people hate the music? What if I embarrass myself? But the question it really boils down to is: what if I’m not good enough? If you practice well and do your best, you’re always good enough. Playing music for others exposes us to our deepest self-doubt. It’s not about making mistakes, it’s about others seeing us as anything less than perfect. And that what’s great about playing, and performing music. It humbles, but also teaches the value of confidence and self-worth.

Do it all, all at once

Learning music is learning to multitask. Fingers need to be in the right position, curved – never forced. How is my posture? That last bar should be played pizzicato. Watch 16th rest. Am I putting the right emotion into it? The conductor wants us to repeat measures 35 through 68. You’re doubling the violin part, you’ll need to be in sync. Am I flat on that Bb?

Create a practice space

As we mentioned before, practicing is not fun, but it is necessary. Creating a quiet space that’s not the bedroom, and not the living room where the television is blaring the news – is important for anyone, especially a child living in a world of distractions. We all need quiet space to do our work, even if we don’t always get it. If you have the space, keep a room free, keep it empty – the simpler the space, the less the mind drifts!

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Eatsie Box – Fun Snacks Delivered to Your Door Monthly + Free #Giveaway

Eatsie Box – Fun Snacks Delivered to Your Door Monthly (Giveaway Details Below...keep reading)

I love to snack. In fact, I prefer to graze all day long on small snack style items rather than eat a full meal. Some say this is better for your metabolism, but I just prefer smaller tastes of things while I’m working or on the go.

Often times at my desk I have a drawer full of snack items to nibble on throughout the day. My problem is finding a variety of snacks to switch up my stash throughout the day. I tend to get in a standard grocery store routine buying the same items week after week, and then I get bored.
Not to mention, my kids love snacking.

So, when I have a chance to find a subscription product that varies up the snacks at my house, I kinda get excited. The monthly subscription service – Eatsie Box – does that for me. They provide a box full of snacks and other goodies that get delivered to my door.

In my Eatsie Box sample they sent for this review, I was pleasantly surprised to get a solid mix of traditional snacks – like Nutter Butter cookies, a small pack of blonde Oreos, and a Cliff bar. More exciting was a few items that I had never heard of before – like Taste Weavers chocolate peanut butter cup dip (which is great on apples), Pure Honey (artisan small batch honey from N. Florida), and a GoPicinic ready-to-eat meal (great for my kids when they are on the go).

The new items made the Eatsie Box more exciting to open, while the tried-and-true classics are comfort snack options to have on hand. Eatsie Box subscriptions come to you monthly so you can constantly be surprised with great new food and treat options.

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Colonial Flower Shop – Autumn Flowers for the Season #Review

Colonial Flower Shop – Autumn Flowers for the Season

Nothing brightens a girl’s day like receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers from a loved one. I love having fresh flowers around the house during the holiday season. Autumn flower bouquets make great centerpieces for family gatherings. 

Colonial Flower Shop in Long Island New York is dedicated to delivering the freshest in-season flower bouquets and arrangements. They are the original Florist of Lake Ronkonkoma since 1959 and family owned and operated. Their autumn flower bouquets feature beautiful assortments of autumn flowers, leaves, berries, and branches that are expertly arranged for an elegant seasonal display in your home, on your table, or at the office.

If you live in or nearby Long Island, definitely check out Colonial Flower Shop’s website or give them a call. They are centrally located in the old Firehouse of Ronkonkoma (circa 1904) - only 45 minutes from the City and 1 hour from the Hamptons. When you create an account, you can keep your flower delivery addresses stored for anyone you send flowers to regularly. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest in their flower deals and seasonal assortments.

How often do you send or receive flowers?

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iPlum App – Free Roaming Calls & Text Messages #ProductReview

iPlum App – Free Roaming Calls & Text Messages

It has been a long time since I traveled outside of the US. While I love traveling, I also love working with people  from around the globe. In today’s age of always-connected Internet, finding free or low cost ways to communicate can be perplexing when it comes to international calls and text messages.

The owners and developers of the iPlum app (for IOS and Android phones) recognize the need for moms, business owners, and even students to have affordable calling and text messaging services no matter where they are in the world.

With the iPlum app, you can connect with people using a free US-based phone number to receive phone calls and text messages on your smartphone or wi-fi tablet. Moms who run businesses, this means we can connect with our business associates from around the world. For students, iPlum is an affordable way enable free text messaging on their tablets for school. And for business owners on the go, this app works great to stay connected no matter where you are in the world.

Do you use any apps for calling or text messaging outside of your normal service provider?

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M.W. Poplin Eco-Friendly Clothing – RoamFree Toddler Clothing Set #Giveaway

M.W. Poplin Eco-Friendly Clothing – RoamFree Toddler Clothing Set Giveaway (CLOSED - Winner Announced in the comments)

My kids are grown. Thankfully we are past the potty training stage. But I have plenty of mom friends with babies and toddlers who are not. One aspect of the potty training phase of life is the struggle with how to dress your child. You want them in something adorable, but you don't want all their cute outfits to be soiled by an accident. Plus, anything you dress them in needs to be easy for them (or you) to get off when there is a mad dash to the nearest toilet. 

So, when I come across high quality toddler gear that helps make potty training easier, I love to share it with others. Recently, I discovered M.W. Poplin Eco-FriendlyClothing for toddlers and babies.

They sent a set for me to try. So, I had to test them out on my adorable 14 month old neighbor boy.  This adorable little man fit perfectly into a 18-24 month blue dotted pants with matching vest while he played with his trucks.

These adorable pants are discreet yet functional split pants that support with elimination communication. They allow your child to use the potty without having to wait for help with buttons, pants or underwear. Paired with a matching zippered vest makes a great fall/winter outfit for those active indoor activities.

M.W. Poplin is dedicated to quality. Each RoamFree set is:
  • Organic cotton
  • Non-chaffing seams
  • Foldable cuffs on pants allowing them to grow with your child
  • Warm, soft and durable
  • Pants are available with blue or red dots, the vest in turquoise or coral red.
Now, my handsome neighbor above is not quite ready for potty training, but he is ALL boy. From the touch and feel of the materials, it is easy to say that the high quality fabric will withstand anything a toddler boy can put it through.

Now...onto the giveaway. Do you want to win a FREE pant and vest set for your little one?

The Giveaway

M.W. Poplin is offering a FREE RoamFree Pant and Vest Set to one lucky My Mom Spark reader. Enter to win below and you could win a set of the Red Dotted Pants with Matching Red Vest.

*Daily entries available & don't forget to answer the question in our comments below for an easy 3 entries: What is your favorite go-to outfit for your little ones when you are potty training?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, what is your favorite go-to play outfit for your little ones when you are potty training?

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A Touch of Dazzle Jewels - 2 Jewelry #Giveaways

A Touch of Dazzle Jewels - 2 Jewelry Giveaways (details below)

My oldest got her ears pierced when she was 5 years old. Ever since then she has loved wearing sparkly and dangly earrings. Finding fun and dangly earrings that are age appropriate tends to be a tough task. Often dangling earrings for kids are chunky and too heavy for her earlobes. Or they are so delicate that they break easily.

At A Touch of Dazzle Jewel Etsy shop owner Goldie creates adorable dangling earrings that are perfect for young girls. The two heart shaped drops feature a single sparkle jewel for the right amount of sparkle in each dangle. In these teal and lime earrings, the set is has a 14k yellow gold plating. They are stylish and fun colors that match a good bit of my daughter’s wardrobe.

At A Touch of Dazzle Jewel, she has 9 different heart shaped dangle designs for your to choose from. Some have a bit more sparkle, while there are 4 color combos in this simple double dangle design. I prefer these for my oldest, but if your daughter likes a little extra bling, then all 9 of these earring designs will be perfect for your daughter’s wardrobe.

The Giveaway #1 - Enter to win a pair of Teal and Lime Girls Earrings [CLOSED]

Congratulations to Lindsey K. You are the winner of the Teal and Lime earrings.

For all My Mom Spark readers, A Touch of Dazzle Jewel is hosting a giveaway for a pair of the teal and lime heart-shaped dangle earrings featured above. Enter to win below. 

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Giveaway #2 - Enter to win a Halloween locket

Etsy shop owner, Goldie, is also hosting a fantastic giveaway for all of your moms of daughters who want a chance to win a fun Halloween locket. This locket designed by A Touch of Dazzle Jewel features a purple enameled witch hat, black cat, jack-o-latern and orange, green and black jewels in a spooky locket perfect for your October outfits.

Enter to win 1 of 5 Halloween lockets 
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What is your favorite piece of jewelry at A Touch of Dazzle Jewels Etsy shop?

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