The Elf Bully – Encouraging Reading & Comprehension #BookReview

The Elf Bully – Encouraging Reading & Comprehension

This time of year, the kids and I immerse ourselves in all sorts of Christmas stories. There are many variations, but we love them all. Author Katrina Hardin recently shared her book The Elf Bully: The Prequel (The Elfing Truth About Why You Don’t Get What You Want for Christmas) with me.

My children love all the stories of elves and their magic at Christmas time. So, I thought Katrina’s book would fit perfect in our early December reading materials…and I was right. The Elf Bully has a unique spin on many of the traditional Christmas elements we all grew up with – Santa, Elves , the North Pole, and gift giving magic.

In The Elf Bully, Katrina creates a fun and whimsical approach to why children don’t get what they want for Christmas and how the Elf Bully came into existence. In a poetic cadence (similar to The Night Before Christmas), this book has a positive and motivating message to encourage kids to keep reading.

Katrina Hardin clearly has a passion for encouraging young readers and improving their comprehension. She even created a fun reading comprehension game on her Christmas-themed website where by reading a story and answering a few comprehension questions, kids can rescue Santa from the snow globe. My 1st grader – who loves to read and play comprehension games – really enjoyed the game.

So, The Elf Bully is a new Christmas classic to add to your kids’ reading rotation during the holiday season. This book is available on Amazon for your e-reader for only $2.99. I’d recommend it. 

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