Slightly Melted – Blue Moon Shower Mochi #EtsyShopReview

Slightly Melted – Blue Moon Shower Mochi

As moms, we all need to pamper ourselves every once in a while. I often don’t have time for a relaxing bubble bath with a glass of wine. 

That’s why when I was introduced to the Etsy Shop: Slightly Melted, I got a little excited about Sarah’s products! Slightly Melted sells brightly colored and adorable sugar scrub shower mochi bars. These are the perfect gift to give the special ladies in your life – the gift of pampering and relaxation (details and savings are below).

What is a Shower Mochi, you ask? 

Well, a traditional mochi is a sweet, gluten-free, Japanese rice cake. Based on the shape of these confectionary body scrubs, I assume that is the inspiration for Shower Mochi. Slightly Melted’s body Sugar Shower Mochi Bars are made from a unique combination of rich cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet sugar for exfoliation and creamy lather to leave your skin freshly cleansed.

When I received my box of Sugar Mochi bars, I was so excited! First of all, they were each packaged separately and labeled with their flavors and ingredients. Adorable and great for gift giving! Sarah kindly sent me one bar of Yin Hao Jasmin, Blue Moon, and Flutter By flavors. Each bar had its own unique and bright colors. They smelled delicious. 

I tried the Blue Moon Shower Mochi scent first, and it was delightful. These are definitely a great way to pamper yourself and feel refreshed after a long day!

Each sugar scrub bar is soft and pliable so they won’t leave your skin feeling raw, as if you just scoured yourself with a sugar cube. The texture of the soft mocha exfoliates your body more than your palm.

Using a Shower Mochi sugar scrub:

  • Step 1: cut the 3 oz bar in half
  • Step 2: take it into the shower
  • Step 3: gently rub the bar over your skin in a circular motion
  • Step 4: rinse your newly soft skin

Each 3 oz Shower Mochi bar retails on Etsy for only $3.75 + shipping. That’s a great deal and they are all hand-made by the Etsy Shop owner. You could mix and match the flavors to create a wonderful gift set for yourself or your best friend.

About Slightly Melted Etsy Shop:

Shop owner, Sarah, has been making bath and body products for 10+ years. She enjoys developing new products with wholesome, earth-friendly ingredients. Sarah was kind enough to send me a box of her scrubby bars for this review. But, she is also extending a special offer to all the My Mom Spark readers.  

All My Mom Spark readers can enjoy 25% off her selection of Shower Mochi bars by using the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS before the 2nd of January.

NOTE: If you are going to give the Blue Moon Shower Mochi for Christmas you must order no later than 12/16/14 for on-time delivery.

So, how do you pamper yourself when you don’t have time for a bubble bath and a glass of wine?

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This post is sponsored by Slightly Melted. All opinions are 100% mine.


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