iProven – The Original Digital Infrared Thermometer #ProductReview

iProven – The Original Digital Infrared Thermometer

There is nothing more nerve racking than being a parent of a child with a high fever. Aside from dealing with an achy and whiney child, my anxiety of ‘should I take him to the doctor or wait it out’ leaves me sleepless. Plus, regular monitoring the fever to make sure it doesn’t spike too high...not fun for any parent!

This is why I like the iProven Digital Infrared Thermometer. Having a device on hand like this, when a child is ill can help to soothe the anxiety a little bit. To know that I can easily take a temperature without a fight and that the temperature is accurate, gives me confidence that I can make the right decision on medication or doctor visit in a timely manner.

This ear thermometer works for even the most cranky of children. There is no wrestling a sick child to take the temperature by mouth or armpit. Personally, I’ve never felt confident with the forehead thermometers that you swipe across the head to behind the hear – I’ve always got weird readings. 

The iProven has been clinically proven to be highly accurate. It even works on adults (you know when the hubby gets sick and he acts like he might be dying…). Buy it on Amazon and get free shipping.

How do you handle the stress and anxiety of having a sick child?

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