Home Security Systems: Expert Tips for Buying Your Security System #GuestPost

Let’s face the facts.  It’s estimated that a home is burglarized every 14 seconds in the United States. That’s a pretty startling number!  

People believe home burglaries happen on the news to other people, but the cold truth is every one of us can become a victim any second.  It doesn’t matter if you’re rich and living in a gorgeous gated community in an affluent area or scrapping buy in the slums of the ghetto.  You might not think that you have anything of value to be robbed, but burglars will steal everything from big screen TV’s to copper wires in walls.  

The good news: home burglaries are preventable with the installation of a monitored security system.  

There are several well-known and local security alarm companies ready to assist with a new alarm system; however, like all consumer purchases it is best to be prepared. Here are 3 great questions to ask while shopping for a security system: 

1. Will they cover the type of equipment to be installed and their functions for preventing crime?
First, find out about the type of equipment being installed and do basic research on the internet about the brand.  Truthfully, some products like Honeywell and 2 GIG are simply the best. Then you will want to have the representative create an installation plan and explain to you in detail why each piece of equipment should be installed to ensure you are getting full coverage, but not overpaying.  

2.  What types of monitoring options are available and what's the price? 
Next, find out about the different monitoring rate choices to determine what works best for your needs.

3. Can they give you details about what happens when the system is set-off?   
Lastly find out about the monitoring company and how they will respond when the alarm is triggered for both false and true emergency calls. 

A Basic Home Security Package

A typical security system installation will consist of a basic system package usually by the brands Honeywell, 2 GIG, DSC, and GE.  The basic package is the keypad, panel, 3 contacts, a motion detector, siren, a key fob and the company’s signs.  Most homeowners are happy with a basic package, but should consider adding additional equipment to secure any weak spots like basement doors.  

Monitoring options will be for basic telephone line monitoring, basic cellular monitoring, and advanced cellular monitoring.  If you don’t need a telephone line for a home business then cancelling your phone service and choosing a cellular monitoring option is your best bet.  Plus, with cellular monitoring there are no phone lines to cut.  

Basic cellular monitoring is simply your alarm system being monitored via satellite signals. Advanced cellular monitoring is an option that allows for remote control of your alarm system through your smart phone, tablet, and computer with alarm applications. Advanced cellular monitoring rates run a few dollars more per month, but will give you greater control and more features.

There are several ways to learn about your monitoring station.  Visit the monitoring company’s website to learn about any awards, certificates and special advancements then verify the accolades against the issuing company.  For example, Crime Fighters of Atlanta uses the monitoring station Monitronics for their accounts.  Monitorincs is a 5 diamond awarded central station by CSAA and can be verified at http://csaaintl.org.  

Monitronics has a verified 22 second of less response time and works with local police nationwide on false alarm reduction protocols.  They follow a set of standards for responding to alarm calls to ensure that the homeowner is protected and the police and emergency personal are contact quickly.

Now that you know more about the basics of alarm system you should feel armed and ready to call your local company to set up new monitoring or re-evaluate your current carrier.  Even veteran alarm owners can benefit from evaluating their current plans and working with their alarm company to ensure that their home is fully protected.  While you are shopping around, don’t forget to look for bonuses such as free move programs, money back on your insurance deductible, and rewards for referrals.

About our guest author: Shana Cooper is owner of Crime Fighters of Atlanta an Atlanta based home security company- https://www.cfasecurity.com.Crime Fighters of Atlanta offer home security packages, security cameras, mobile security systems, fire protection & safety, as well as TV mounting and surround sound solutions for your home.


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