New App for Moms - Playdate by JAGO #ProductReview

Playdate by JAGO - a New App for Moms

Arranging play dates is a necessary activity for moms and dads – no matter how old your kids are. We need time to socialize with other adults. And let’s face it, we all know that a properly structured play date results in an hour (or two) of entertainment resulting in sufficiently tired children who will go to bed more easily after a couple hours of play with a friend.

One of the biggest struggles with play dates is getting everyone’s schedules synced and on the calendar. We all run at different paces juggling multiple schedules and places to be. By the time you match calendars, those once frequent play dates can quickly become few and far between. Until now.

A new app called Playdate by JAGO is in beta in your app store for both iOS and Android phones. Playdate is a new parenting app to help parents schedule & manage their kids social lives. This little app is the perfect way to sync calendars with friends to schedule those much needed play dates with friends. The app is free and installs quickly. You simply use their social feature to create your free account, connect with friends, and start scheduling play dates.

Playdate by JAGO has an easy to use interface that lets you keep your kids’ play dates organized and at your fingertips. Quickly and easily add a group play date in advance or use it for that emergency relief to burn off your toddler’s extra energy with a friend. Either way this app is a great addition to your smartphone.

I can see this app working great in larger organizations of parents who need a better way to connect – your local MOPS group, your Mom Meet Up group, preschool parent group…the list goes on.

Download the app and try it out for yourself.  

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This post is sponsored by JAGO. All opinions are 100% mine.


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