This Week's Mantra - March 17 - March 21

From Oprah's OWN Network - I love the determination this evokes. May your week be filled with determination to go after what you dream and achieve your goals with gumption.

Repeat as often as necessary: "This week, I won't back down."

This week, I won't back down. This week, I won't back down.

Until Next Time,


Monday Mantra - March 10th

"Do something your future self will thank you for."

This is a great mantra for today! Whether you are building a business or raising a child, its always good to think about how your actions will impact your future. 

From the perspective of growing a business, ask yourself: "What am I doing today that will keep me moving towards my goals?"

From the perspective of raising a child, ask yourself: "Am I teaching my children the values they need to be successful in life?"

I'm no life coach, but I know growing my own business and raising my own children, we can never lose sight of how our actions today will impact our future. Even a seemingly small action has the potential to create huge results in the future.

So, go out this week and find something that you will look back and be thankful for. 

What will you be doing this week?

Until Next Time,


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