Monday Mantra - June 24th

Never a classier lady, I love this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. 

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway." 

Don't let the judgement of others dissuade you from achieving your dreams this week. Follow your heart and you will find happiness. By letting the thoughts of others hold you back from your dreams you sacrifice your potential. So, forge ahead. Be proactive. Have a great week!

Until Next Time,

Etsy Shop Review - Handmade aJ

I love shopping Etsy. It is so easy to get lost in all the hand crafted gifts, decor, jewelry, etc. Handmade aJ is no exception to the quality of Etsy Shop products you can  find on this shopping site. 

Ashley from Handmade aJ creates fun mason jars knitted koozies with lidded tops. The tops have a straw hole to easily add a colorful straw as well.These are a great way for you and the kids to enjoy a cool beverage on a hot summer day. Or serve beverages indoors and these mason jar glasses won't sweat on your coffee table leaving rings.

Probably my favorite, and perfect for the 4th of July are the Americana Mason Jars. 

With the red, white, and blue pattern these mason jars would be a festive add-on to your patriotic celebrations. Whether you are watching the fireworks by the pool, at the camp grounds, or from your house, the Americana mason jars would be right in theme.

Another way to celebrate with these mason jars is to create a fun and festive gift for a birthday or housewarming.

You get the following with this order:

1. 4 (12oz) glass mason jars
2. 4 standard canning lids
3. 4 clear vellum straw lids
4. 4 handmade crochet covers
5. 4 coordinating beaded & silver tassels

Ashley has many beautiful color combinations to fit any home decor. Stop by Handmade aJ from My Mom Spark and Ashley is offering 10% off $15 or more - just use the code SAVE10.

Until Next Time,

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Monday Mantra - June 17th

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door" ~Milton Berle

Probably one of my favorite quotes, this week focus on creating the opportunity you want in your life. Don't be idle and wait for someone to offer you an opportunity. Go out there and make your own destiny come true.

Share with us - What kind of opportunity will you be creating this week?

Until Next Time,

Monday Mantra - June 10th

I love starting the week off feeling motivated, positive, and upbeat. This week's mantra is: 

"Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of living; it is not something to be achieved, it is something to be experienced.” Dr.Steve Maraboli

May you choose to live your life happy and experience everything life has to offer. Take time this week for yourself and do those activities that make you happy!

Until Next Time,

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