Make Something #AstroBright Contest

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I am a sucker for crafts and fun projects with my little ones. I also love creating flyers and handouts for my business and the Parent Board at my kids school. So, bright colored paper at my house doesn't last long. We are always printing something, or cutting it up for the next craft project. 

AstroBrights papers comes in 23 bright colors that make it a perfect supply to keep on hand for our next crafty moment. Or with all the bright color options, I can be sure that my business flyers and parent announcements stand out from the others. Its all about standing out from the crowd and getting noticed.

If you are crafty, check out Astrobrights' fun contest "Make Something Astrobright" challenge. You can win prizes and Astrobrights paper! Share you videos and pictures of your projects to win. Just be sure the use hashtag #GoAstrobrights when you are sharing your crafts on Twitter & Pinterest. That is a fun end of summer project for you and your little ones!

And don't forget about PTA flyers for back-to-school. Astrobright paper will definitely get your events and meetings noticed! And to celebrate back-to-school, Astrobright is supporting local elementary schools in their "Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes. You can enter to win your school of choice $30,000 from AstroBrights. Visit AstroBrights papers on Facebook to learn more!

Need inspiration to get started? Check out these 5 Pinboards on Pinterest, dedicated to paper crafts.








What crafts ideas do you like to do with your kids?


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