4-Day Sale from Sprint

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sprint for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am coming up on a phone upgrade with my Sprint contract. This is a very tempting time. Over the last 2 years I have come to love my little Palm Pixi phone. It has served well as my very first smartphone. I know I may be a little behind the curve here, but as long as my phone works and can connect me to the outside world, I'm good! So, as I approach this upgrade period, my research begins.

Sure enough, along comes this 4-day sale from Sprint. From now until 2/8/2012 you can choose between the following 2 offers. 

  • Nexus S™ 4G for FREE with a new line of service or add to your account. Facebook_Nexus.JPG


  • HTC EVO™ 3D for only $49.99 when you open a new line or add an account. Facebook_EVO 3D.jpg

**The activation fee for new lines of service and free shipping on sprint.com

These seem like pretty good deals from what I have seen online doing my research. I definitely haven't seen anything that is legit offering a better deal. Now the question is which one do I choose?

My husband has the HTC EVO 4G and loves it! I have had fun playing on it. But the Nexus S 4G seems intriguing. Of course, I don't plan on opening a new line, so I will compare my resources for purchasing one of these phones as an upgrade.

Which would phone would you choose? Why?


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Walgreens Family Membership

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

So, I previously wrote about the situation between Express Scripts and Walgreens. Its the kind of health insurance bureaucratic B.S. that most consumers get frustrated with as corporate giants leverage themselves against each other causing the consumer to ultimately lose out. Perhaps I didn't have much weight in the situation since I hadn't been using Walgreens as my primary pharmacy. Yes, I stopped in to develop pictures or pick up an emergency box of feminine products. But, I hadn't filled a prescription in there in years. The true reason? Well, convenience! There was a pharmacy closer that offered the same stuff. And thankfully me and my family are fairly healthy.

Nonetheless, we chose the closer pharmacy and that became 'our' pharmacy. More interesting is that most American families tend to be loyal to a particular pharmacy whether for convenience, habit, or insurance coverage. Walgreens has figured this loyalty out. Now they are attracting new loyal customers and offering additional incentives to their current loyal customers. Its their Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens

Families can purchase the Savings Club for only $35 a year and get extra discounts and savings on over 8,000 name brand and all generic medications. Saving money-especially on health care related needs-is really important for most families. Additionally you can fill prescriptions for your pet, get a discount on the flu shot, and get a discount on diabetic supplies. Or an individual membership is only $20 per year!

What are your thoughts on a savings club like Walgreens is offering? Will you sign up?

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