Who is cuter...Puppies or Babies?

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As a mom, it is hard to resist cute baby photos...especially of our own cutie pies! Its just as hard to resist cute puppies! That is probably why I have 2 of each. But no matter how cute I think puppies are, its those sweet little baby images that make me go "Aww!". I love looking at all the baby photos and contests online. And as for those puppy photos, they are sweet, but to be honest I'd rather watch crazy and cuddly kittens online. If I have to watch our 4-legged friends online, cats win my heart. (Perhaps for another contest.)

Well, this great showdown of who is cuter has been taken to the Internet on the Animal Planet in the form of a Puppies vs. Babies online contest. Submission of photos is over, so now its time to vote. From now until November 23rd, you can go to Puppies vs. Babies to make your vote and share your opinion on who is cuter (playful smack talkin' is encouraged, so play nice!).


Who do you think is cuter, puppies or babies? Share your opinion below and even share a photo of your own cute puppy or baby. Most of all, visit Puppies vs. Babies online contest and click for who you want to win. Its free and fun!

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