A Masculine Look at Graphic Design with Heavy Weight Great Designs #Review

A Masculine Look at Graphic Design with Heavy Weight Great Designs

Graphic design can span a wide variety of topics, mediums, and audiences. In the 21st century, every company must have a graphic designer on staff or on retainer in order to execute the digital creative design elements of their brand.

Heavyweight Great Designs is the only Graphic Design website that focuses solely on the relationship between design and pop-culture, sex, and marketing. Additionally, they examine design trends across multiple industries.

I find some of their case studies to be an interesting array of businesses from a wide range of businesses that I would’ve never known about – primarily because I am not their primary audience. However, the concepts and outside the box thinking can give creative inspiration for any of my readers looking for a more masculine approach to your product marketing mix.

Heavyweight Great Designs tends to lean more to the edgy side of their content with some creatively explicit images. If you can find inspiration in these types of studies, definitely check out their website, blog, and Facebook page for more information.

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