Faux Fur Coats by Adela Queen #Review

Faux Fur Coats by Adela Queen

I’m not much of a cold weather fan. That is why I’m sad to see summer coming to an end. The days of flip flops and t-shirts are going to be turning to sweaters and big jackets. 

One bright side of this time of year, if you are in need of winter coat you can find hot deals. Adela Queen is an online faux fur shop focused on making the best possible faux fur coats. They love animals and their motto is “Forget the real fur and enjoy the luxury of faux fur”.  

Their designers come from New York, Paris and Moscow. They devoted themselves to every details and every pattern to ensure that each coat has the natural grace, fashion temperament and unique quality.  I love that they have a social responsibility to encourage the faux fur industry instead of using animals for their fur. 

While it doesn’t get cold enough in NC for a faux fur coat, they have some luxurious looking designs that would fit in a big city like NYC or Boston where winters can be brutal. If you are looking for a way to stay warm and stylish this winter check out the hot deals of Faux Fur Coats by Adela Queen for some great deals and beautiful coats. 

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