Brand Your Own Australian Natural Soaps

Brand Your Own Australian Natural Soaps

Have you ever thought about starting (or expanding) a retail business? Gifts and accessories are always a popular retail or e-commerce solution. From all the gifts and accessories you can find on Etsy to the local boutique, these stores are a fun way to combine your passion with your entrepreneurial spirit.

If you are interested in starting or expanding a gift or accessories business, you need wholesalers for the types of products that you want to sell. Natural soaps are great products that can fit into a variety of retail stores – a gift shop, a beauty shop, a holistic health and healing shop. French-milled soaps have great fragrances and sell at an unexpectedly low price.

Wholesale organic soaps from Australian Natural Soaps offers these organic French-milled bars of soap. Based in Massachusetts, they import the bars and distribute them to retail businesses around the United States. You can choose to sell these soaps under their own Simple Scents Australia and Wavertree and London brand names. Or, if you’d prefer to create a private label organic soap line, they will help to provide you with unbranded bars so you can put your own brand on it.

Wholesale organic soaps from Australian Natural Soaps is one vendor you can use to expand your product lines or start your own natural soap business.

What would you sell if you were starting your own retail (or e-commerce) store?

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