Botanical Energies – Artisan Botanical Aromatics Just For You #EtsyShopReview

Botanical Energies – Artisan Botanical Aromatics Just For You

As a mom, perfume is often saved for specific occasions. It sure isn’t part of my daily routine if I’m running around with the kids. Every once in a while I remember to put it on if I head to the office, but more often than not I totally forget as I am trying to pack up the kids and get out the door on time.

Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t LIKE to smell nice. Before kids, I remember wandering the Macy’s perfume department and indulging in the latest scents. Who dares take a 4 year old boy to the perfume department? Not this mom. My little man will break something if I stop for too long. 

So, when I find an Etsy shop like Botanical Energies, I take some time to peruse their scents, read their descriptions, and explore the 19 different botanical aromatics they offer. They write such beautifully descriptive descriptions that I had the hardest time deciding on a single scent. I was torn, so I ended up with a sample pack to make sure I get the right scent. Plus, I wanted to try a man’s scent to see how that stacked up to my favorite man’s flavor.

Botanical Energies was fantastic to ship me my sample pack. When it arrived, I dove into it to try out the new scents. I even tested them with my neighbor. Here’s what I got:

  • FREE – this is a light and feminine scent that combines vanilla and freesia. This is my favorite of my sample pack.
  • FRIDA – she is spicy. I fierce scent for a strong woman. I’m more apt to wear this in small doses in the wintermonths.
  • MIDNIGHT – this is the man scent I mentioned earlier. It is masculine and scentual. I definitely pick up the chocolate notes mentioned in the description. I could totally enjoy this on my man.

Botanical Energies sent their package with some fantastic additional information about their other products. PLUS, a disclaimer on how to use these botanical aromatic oils. This is important because these oils are NOT perfume and I appreciate knowing how to apply it to my skin so I don’t get spots on my clothing.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with Botanical Energies on Etsy If you are looking to experiment with your scents, definitely check them out!

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This post is sponsored by Botanical Energies. All opinions are 100% mine.


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