Bashabaloo – Birthday Surprise Ball Gift #EtsyShopReview

Bashabaloo – Birthday Surprise Ball Gift

I rack my brain every time I plan my kids’ birthday party looking for the right balance of fun chotchkies that are on theme for the party. I always end up with over-filled goody bags from Party City or the Dollar Store and I’ve spent hours collecting everything followed by hours of stuffing bags. While not the most boring task of all time, but it takes time to assemble these bags.

It’s time for a new and unique way to give kid’s their party bags. Enter Bashabaloo Etsy Shop. Bashabaloo has a fun and interactive gift ball that is designed to let kids unwrap layers that reveal fun gifts at each turn. These bright colored balls are so much fun…for the kids and the parents.

Each Bashabaloo gift ball comes with 10-15 fun gifts wrapped up in the layers of the ball. Plus, you can customize the items and colors of the ball so you get exactly what you want in the gift ball. 

The owner of Bashabaloo, Katie Mullins, creates tons of fun party favors for birthdays, baby showers, and more. She even has Gender Reveal poppers for baby showers. Katie has a great sense of party favors and decorations that make it a great stop for any mom planning a party or shower.

But, back to the Birthday Surprise Balls, they are a ton of fun. I can see ordering at least one for my birthday prince or princess customized with their names. I can also see ordering one for every party guest to also unwrap either at the party or at home. They are such great party favors and truly a unique spin on traditional party favors. Each Bashabaloo Birthday Surprise Ball Gift only costs $18.

Katie has made a great video that shows exactly how the Birthday Gift Ball works. You have to take a couple minutes to watch and really see how cool the birthday gift ball can be. Video:

What do you think? Would you order a Birthday Gift Ball from Bashabaloo?

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This post is sponsored by Bashabaloo. All opinions are 100% mine.


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