Your Kids Depend on Your Confidence -Special #GuestPost

Parenting takes confidence. Business takes confidence. Life takes confidence. This is why I bring you today’s guest post from Jordan Mercedes and The RePurpose Work Confidence Course. Read more about how finding her confidence has helped Jordan change her life…and how she can help you find your confidence too.

Your Kids Depend on Your Confidence

Fifteen minutes before I was to take the stage, the woman who invited me on a speaking tour in Uganda slipped me a piece of paper. It said, “I want you to speak to the students about how to protect themselves from sexual abuse.” 

Sexual abuse? 

My subject matter was how to recognize your God given gifts, talents and special abilities. Didn’t she know that? All of my material would have told her that. 

I had a moment of pause as I searched myself for the message for the students. I asked her how many students I would be speaking to; in a calm voice, she said there would be about eight hundred elementary school children in the first assembly and about five to six hundred high school students in the second assembly. 

I held the paper in my hand and read the words a few times, “sexual abuse.”  It wasn’t my story, but it was their story. At that moment I made a decision. “Yes, I’m going to give this talk and it’s going to go straight to the heart of these kids. I will hold nothing back and I WILL NOT BE AFRAID!"

I could never have pulled it off if I had not overcome the deep roots of fear and insecurity that plagued my life for years. I’d fought the battle against fear and won. It was a hard battle, but that day made every struggle worth it. Those kids, who needed to learn how to protect themselves from predatory people, were totally and completely worth it. 

Learning to be a confident woman has changed my life, but what’s more important is, it’s changing the lives of those around me. Fear holds you back, confidence moves you forward.

Confidence is simply believing that you can accomplish what you set out to do. 

When you understand how to live from a place of confidence, you can teach your children how to do the same. 

So let me ask you, are you fighting the battle of fear in any area of your life? If so, you need to know that this is a temporary fight and one that can be won, if you want to win it. Each day millions of people wake up to face the giants of fear and insecurity. 

With the right tools, support and practice you can take out your sword, slay the giants, step over them and keep going. This January and for the rest of the year I’m teaching the confidence course to those who are ready to win their battle like I won mine. 

My victory was a victory for those students; your victory is a victory for your kids and the people you influence.

About  our guest author: Jordan Mercedes is an author, speaker and owner of RePurpose Work. She helps people love the work they do and helps companies love their people. Enrollment for the next confidence course is open; you can go here to sign-up


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