The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Him’s Best Micro Brew Beers Delivered Monthly - 120x120 bannerSo my husband is a micro-brew beer lover. He has been since I met him. I like to stick to my wine, but in the 9+ years I've known him, we've never thought to join a beer-of-the-month club. The idea hadn't really crossed my mine until I came across Craft Beer Club through my affiliate network for A Bit of Wine

Now that Valentine's day is less than a week away, I really want to get him something he can enjoy. Its a pretty cool concept. Each month a pack of 12 micro-brew beers are delivered. In the 12-bottle box, you get 4 different micro-brewed beer from their featured brewers.That means there are 3 of each brew. And its only $37.95 with free shipping in the continental U.S.

The other aspect of this Craft Beer Club membership that I appreciated was that I could choose to give a set number of months as a gift (and pre-pay for it), or just keep it as an ongoing membership and cancel whenever he gets bored with the deliveries (not like that will be anytime soon). Additionally, I could choose to have deliveries every month or every other month. So, that is cool if you want to spread out 3 shipments over 6 months. Check them out for their latest brew features, beer-friendly recipes, and latest deals on their beer club.

Needless to say, I ordered my Valentine's gift last night and look forward to his reaction when the first shipment arrives. Hopefully it will be here before the 14th (procrastination is one of my bad habits). Plus, I hope he is home the day it is delivered because they won't just leave the beer on your front porch. Someone over 21 must be there to sign for it...otherwise, I will have to track it down. So, a few details on my end that may cause a hitch in a timely delivered Valentine's day, but I'm still excited. I don't think he is expecting it.

Is your man a beer drinker? What pros or cons do you see with getting him a gift from Craft Beer Club?

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