Entrepreneur Inspiration - Seth Godin's TED Talk

So, Entrepreneur.com recently highlighted some key TED Talks for entrepreneurs. It reminded me of TED Talks as good listening while I am working. I often forget about these great speeches - from inspiration to innovation - there is a TED Talk for almost anyone.

Anyway, in this Entrepreneur.com article, I particularly enjoyed Seth Godin's TED Talk that was filmed in 2003. You've got to love Seth. He is a brilliant mind in the world of modern day marketing. While this was recorded almost a decade ago, the topic is integral for entrepreneurial marketing in the current environment. It's centered around innovating your message to speak to your audience in a new and inventive way that makes consumers STOP and WANT what you have to offer.

At less than 20 minutes, this was the perfect length for my multi-tasking busy work schedule. I could listen while I finished responding to emails and getting ready for my day. It got me thinking...and THAT is at the core of why a TED Talk is worth watching (or in my case...listening to it).

Take a look for yourself. Watch this TED Talk by Seth Godin.

Where do you find inspiration while you are working?

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