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logo-landing-page.pngI've never really been the type of person to engage in activities that could result in injury. I love being active and outdoors, but when it comes to some of the more extreme activities--skateboarding, rock climbing, BMX bike riding--it was never my thing. My husband on the other hand is the adventurer and extreme sports fanatic. He skateboards, bike rides, rock climbs--you name it, he is open to trying it!

In his quest for adventure, I have learned to tend to various cuts, scrapes, and bruises. The one thing I learned very quickly is that large bandages don't last long and are quickly removed. Now New-Skin® provides a liquid bandage that is perfect for my active husband. He can use it on his scrapes so they heal quickly without the look and feel of an oversized bandage. With our kids growing up, he is loving the fact he has someone to play with him. They often come in with cuts and scrapes too, so New-Skin®  works great with my active little ones who may not otherwise keep a bandage on long enough to heal.

New-Skin®  now offers 3 types of great products that work for everyone in the family.

-Liquid Bandage for the active cuts and scrapes
-Scar Fade™ for those past scars you want to get rid of

-Poison Ivy Treatment 

for even the outdoor adventurer who gets off path

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logo-landing-page.pngRight now for New-Skin is having a "Share the Outdoors" New-Skin sweepstakes to give away some awesome 4-day adventures for skiing in Breckenridge, the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, or Hiking in Yellowstone National Park. Click here to enter the New-Skin sweepstakes today. Share them with your friends and family to get up to 5 votes each day.

They all sound like awesome trips. Which one would you like to win most and why? How would you use New-Skin products if you win? And don't forget to leave a link to your sweepstakes page in your comment.

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