The Piggy Box – Teaching Kids How to Save, Give, and Spend Responsibly #Review

The Piggy Box – Teaching Kids How to Save, Give, and Spend Responsibly

Ah…the value of money. I’ve been on a recent kick about teaching my kids the value of money and that mommy doesn’t just work for fun (…even though I love what I do). We’ve started an allowance program that requires them to earn their allowance by doing chores. If they want extra money, they can do extra chores.

The Piggy BoxBut what about the deeper lesson of what to DO with that money once they earn it? My 2 kiddos can hardly wait for me to drive them to the store to spend all their ‘hard-earned’ money. The real lesson is teaching them HOW to be responsible with the money they earn. Teaching kids how to save, give, and spend responsibly is a hard lesson; one that even adults struggle with.

Then, I discovered The Piggy Box. This is an awesome spin on the piggy bank, but with a few more features. The Piggy Box allows you to have separate drawers for what you child can spend, save, and give. Each drawer has built-in dividers that make sorting and arranging money by denomination simple for kids. They are each made from recycled paper and come in three adorable designs.

I love the concept of teaching children how to spend their money. The Piggy Box makes it fun and easy for all kids to understand responsible spending principles. Each purchase of The Piggy Box comes with a free money tracking app in the AppStore.

So, do your kids get an allowance? How do they earn it and what do they do with it?

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This post is sponsored by The Piggy Box. All opinions are 100% mine.


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