NinettaPolpetta – Soothe Your Teething Child with This #EtsyShopReview

NinettaPolpetta – Soothe Your Teething Child with This

Who remembers what it is like – or is currently dealing with – a teething child? Yeah, I remember the slobber, the crankiness, and constantly putting everything in their mouths. Soothing your teething child can be a trying time for any parent. I tried everything from the gel to the ice pops to the crackers and nothing ever seemed to do the trick.

But, now I am seeing more of these teething jewelry pieces for moms to wear. I find the concept quite interesting. One of my favorites is at NinettaPolpetta Etsy shop where you can find fun, colorful teething jewelry for moms to wear. If you like the large chunky jewelry style, these necklaces fit right in with the current trends. Most of all I love the colors.

Each teething necklace is BPA-free silicone, made of 100% food grade silicone material with FDA approvals. They are heat resistant so you can boil them to disinfect. They are fun, lightweight, portable and easy to store.

Now, since my children are too old for these, I still find the concept is very interesting to me because I recall many times being places where a teething child had no comfort from the pain in their mouths. These necklaces seem like a fun and innovative way for mom to always be prepared to soothe their child in a fun and fashionable way.

It never ceases to amaze me the creativity you can find on Etsy. Handmade items of all shapes, colors, sizes, and functions appear on this site. 

What do you think about wearing a teething necklace for your child?

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