10 Ways You Can Choose To Be Happy Today

10 Ways You Can Choose To Be Happy Today

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Mahatma Gandhi

Living a happy, resilient and optimistic life is a wonderful concept. Being happy is good for your health. It can protect you from the stresses of life if you are able to channel your stress into a more positive and blissful perspective. 

Stress is linked to top causes of death such as heart disease, cancer and stroke. Stress can be derived from the anxiety of change. However, we have to remember the old adage “The only constant in life is change.' In our life we have the power to make the changes if we want to. Even if we find ourselves in an unbearable situation we can always find solace in the knowledge that it too will soon change. 

To be happy amidst all of this change is relatively easy…just decide to be a happy person. Abraham Lincoln observed that most people for most of the time can choose how happy or stressed, how relaxed or troubled, how bright or dull their outlook to be. The choice is simple really, choose to be happy. 

There are 10 ways you can choose to be happy every day:

Be Grateful – An attitude of gratitude requires us to make conscious decisions to be thankful. In reality, we have so much to be thankful for. Thank the bus driver for bringing your kids home safely, thank the chef for a wonderful dinner with your spouse, and thank the guy who handles your dry cleaning. Also thank the mailman for bringing you your mails, thank the policeman for making your place safe and thank God for being alive.

Reduce the News – Modern day news programs thrive on sharing some of the most horrifying stories from around the world. News is stressful. Get less of it. Some people just can't start their day without their daily dose of news. Think about it, 99% of the news we hear or read is bad news. Starting the day with bad news does not seem to be a sensible thing to do.

Make a Spiritual Connection - A religious connection is also recommended. Being part of a religious group with its singing, sacraments, chanting, prayers and meditations foster inner peace. 

Gain Control Over Your Time - Time is invaluable. You can never get back the minutes you’ve wasted focusing on something negative. Time is too important to waste. Time management can be viewed as a list of rules that involves scheduling, setting goals, planning, creating lists of things to do and prioritizing. 

Laugh Every Day – Life doesn’t have to be so serious. Find the joy by seeking out something (or someone) who makes you laugh. Heard a good joke? Tell your friends or family about it. As we all know -'Laughter is the best medicine'.
Express Your Feelings – Don’t be shy. Tell the people in your life how you feel about them. They will most likely reciprocate your actions. Creating these connections with others in our lives can make us feel happy. Don’t hold onto anger or frustrations, this is bad for your health. Instead find ways of expressing them in a way that will not cause more injury or hurt to anyone.
Complete Satisfying Work – Personal satisfaction comes from completing tasks and working hard. Think about your goals and take actions to work towards those goals. The feeling of completing a task can give you a feeling of being competent. Accomplishments are necessary for all of us, they give us a sense of value. Work on things that you feel worthy of your time. Be satisfied when they are complete – even if it just a load of laundry or re-organizing a closet.

Learn Something New - Learning is a joyful exercise. Commit to learning something new every day.  Learning also makes us expand and broaden our horizons and give us more opportunities in the future. 

Get Active - Run, jog, walk and do other things that your body was made for. Feel alive. Find one activity you can do that stimulates your endorphins. Exercising has been proven to improve people’s moods. 

Evict Negativity – Don’t let others bring you down. If you find yourself exposed to negative people, negative elements, or negative environments, evict that negativity from your life. By avoiding exposure to these negative elements you take control of not allowing them to impact your chosen journey to be happy. 

These are the few simple things you can do every day to be happy. 

And always remember the quote from Abraham Lincoln, he says that, "Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

What is one thing you do every day to make yourself happy?

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