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Are you a small or local business owner looking to attract more buyers affordably?
The LivEasy app may be just what you need to find new customers without breaking the bank. They have a easy to understand model for local businesses to easily create deals for local buyers. LivEasy is called "The app store of life" with their deals covering all aspects of consumer life from food to entertainment. 
Since consumers (and pretty much everything) is going mobile. Why shouldn't your advertising go mobile to attract those buyers who are attached to their smartphone?

Here's how it works:

Once you sign up for LivEasy (it's free), you will be able to create exclusive deals to be shared within the mobile app. Your deal is then available to be seen by buyers in your area who've downloaded the app. These people are looking for new places or businesses to explore and when your business is there, it is a targeted new customer relationship that is mutually beneficial.

The set up is easy:

From your tablet or computer, you will have access to an exclusive member's area where you can create your deal. You maintain full control over your deals and offers.
Simply, select your category. Give your deal a name. Write some brief highlights and benefits to your offer. Set your price. Upload an image. Complete your business profile with address, hours of operation, and length of the deal. Finally, set your start date and you are done. Your deal will be live in the app within 24 hours.

The best part for business:

LivEasy doesn't take a percentage of your deal. Instead, they have a $0.99 in-app charge for the buyer to "lock-in" your deal. Once they've locked in your deal, the buyer has a certain amount of time to use that deal (you set that time frame) before it expires. LivEasy doesn't collect any money from the user for your deal (just the lock-in cost), and the buyer pays you directly for the deal. You keep all the money for the deal.

Once your deal is live, you can:

- Track how many people viewed your deal details (ex: 187 views)
- How many people “locked in” the deal (ex: 38 people)
- And then you can see exactly how many people actually used the deal (ex: 16 people)
- You can also see the best days of the week, the times, and you can even send personal messages through the LivEasy website straight to every user who “locked in” a deal. (Maybe you want to invite them back for another offer!)

For merchants to try the LivEasy deal app, they have a 60-day free trial. They won't collect any of your credit card information while you test your deals. During the trial, you can try new deals, track your stats, and have full access to the member dashboard. They will call you to help with your deals and gt your feedback. After the 60-day trial, and if you are happy with their service, you can continue to use the service for a small $99 monthly fee. No revenue sharing. No hidden fees. No commitment with long-term contracts.Unlimited deals per month.

Why make life hard? LivEasy.

So, I am testing out this app personally for my A Bit of Wine business. I didn't have time before writing this review to give a full and fair testing of the app's capabilities and reach. I love the concept of self-serve deal app. Plus, so far signing up and creating deals has been super easy. I'm still in my 60 day trial (and they didn't ask for my credit its going to be free as promised). I plan to  run a couple deals to test the app's audience, reach, and consistency. Stay tuned for a full run-down on how my deals performed and progress with the LivEasy app.

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